20 Creative Logos Depicting Movement – Sign of Growth!

To a normal spectator, a logo is merely an immovable visual image symbolizing a company. But if we speak in technical terms, the power of a logo is more than just representing an entity. It has the ability to move the customers to behave in a positive manner for the organization. To put it briefly, your logo has the power to evoke consumer action.

Keeping in line with this aspect, one of the creative ways is depicting movement within the design of logos. These types of logos are a sign of company growth and portray that the entity is energetic and raring to go. Furthermore, they convey a valuable feeling that the business is fearless to changes and multitalented.

To give you an idea of how movement and action is shown in a logo design, here are 20 creative logos that will help you learn:


Action Now

Pura Nature

Swing Studios

Tango de Tightrope

Breaking Free

Christmas Stampede

Dodo Pizza

D’s Garage

Grunau Move

Higher Motion

KX Karate School


Action Adventure Squad

Mobile Ideas


Perpetual SeeSaw




Nora Reed

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