Logo Design Tips You Can Learn From World’s Biggest Brands

Several factors contribute in building brand identity of a company. Logo design of a company is one of these factors. Millions of dollars are spent in designing and redesigning of corporate logos. Famed logos of world’s leading brands have some crucial elements that are common in their logo design.

Observing and learning from logo design of these leading brands can be a rewarding and interesting experience. Let us have a brief look at logos of some big brands and then find out what are common elements in their design.


One of the most recognized logo design and best known product of the world. Solid red background and the classic Specerian script have remained unchanged over years. Red is associated with power and energy. Simple and unchanged design has helped the logo to grow as one of the most recognized logo.

This current logo design of Microsoft was adopted by the company in 1987. Bold Helvetica italicized font signifies dominance of the company as seller of operating system. The slash between “s” and “o” signifies soft part of the name as well as speed.


This is a simple and memorable logo design recognized and respected around the globe. The stripe signifies speed and dynamism and blue is the signature color of the brand.


The basic logo design has remained same over years. Background color was changed from black to blue. The white tails on the circle and the font creates a sense of speed and dynamism along with elegance and balance.


The light blue color used by Intel creates an impression of power and dominance of the company in the specialized area where it functions. The circle tries to give an idea of the all encompassing product range in the relevant sector.


The logo design aptly reflects company’s fascination with simplicity, reliability and ease of connectivity. The blue tint conveys credibility and reliance and the bold typeface makes it plain and powerful.

disney logo

This simple logo design is basically stylized version of the signature of Walt Disney, founder of the Disney World. It conveys unique message that is blended with fun and fairy tales.

mc logo

One of the most loved logo design. The combination of red and yellow trigger hunger. The golden arches projects concrete, unique and elegant image of the company.

toyota logo

Logo design of this Toyota comprises of three elongated ellipses that represent the product, trust of the consumer and global reach of the company. Name of the company is written in simple roman style for easy recognition.


This simple but unique logo design has been well appreciated by customers round the world. Note the unique balance of the design imparted by “l” and “b” of Marlboro at the bottom and the shade like solid colored icon on top.

citi logo

One of the most trusted brands in financial services. The lower case letters and soft blue tone convey an inviting and friendly feel. The red umbrella like icon lends support to the design and stands for protection of wealth and interest of customers.


This logo design is simple, prominent and eye catching. The three – side star stands for company’s dominance in vehicle manufacturing sectors of land, sea and air. The metallic hue of the icon represents sophisticated corporate image. Typeface is pleasantly uncomplicated but aptly portrays resilient character of the company.

hp logo

Use of simple fonts and solid style and deep blue shade give appearance of elegance, sophistication and simplicity to this logo design.

Ae logo

This unique logo design is viewed as a symbol of trust and high standard. The combination of blue background and all uppercase letters give a sense of authority.

gillette logo

As simple as it gets! One of the most memorable brands in the world simply relies on compact bold typeface. The logo is highly appreciated and accepted by customers.

BMW logo

Logo design of BMW reflect classy corporate image. Core of the circle is separated into four quadrants. The icon, font style and simple colors give the logo a unique appeal.

Apple logo

The legendary icon of Apple Inc. is appreciated and respected all over the world. The metallic finish, shades and tints make it even more appealing. The logo design has become so popular that the company can afford to drop its name.

UPS logo

Simple, bold and attractive logo, assuring safety and security of service with the shield like icon.

Nike logo

This logo design of Nike has created history and inspired many logo designers.

Google logo

This unique logo is simple, scalable and appealing. Flexibility of the design has allowed the company to come up with hugely popular Google Doodles.

Lessons from these great logos….

While analyzing these famous logo designs you may note some interesting points.

  • In most cases the logo design doesn’t tell you what is the business of the company. Most of them don’t have any tagline attached with the name of the company.
  • If you don’t consider white and black as colors then most logo designs use a single color. Black or white may be used as background or blank space. Blue is most preferred shade.
  • Memorable logos have clear font styles. A significant number of established brands use only letters to build up their logo.
  • Significant percentage of memorable logos is rectangular in shape and the background is filled with solid color.
  • Most memorable logos are simply an icon.


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