Mistakes You’re Probably Making On Social Media

In this day and age, the impact of social media on online marketing is phenomenal. It has become a norm for modern marketers. However, the success of your social media strategy depends on how well it is executed and how mistake-free it is.

One thing I’ve noticed quite often is that businesses are mainly focused on promoting their business. Well this is not a great way to go about. Try to focus on building quality relationships (clients). And this in turn will help you develop your business.

With that said, following are the commonly made mistakes on social media:

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Not Allowing Status-Update Comments On Your Profile Page

This probably is one of biggest mistakes I have encountered. More often than not, businesses do not allow its fans to post status updates on their profile page. From the fans perspective, this is quite vexing. Imagine that you want to leave a comment (on business page which you are following), but are unable to do so. Won’t you get exasperated? Of course, you will.

Keep in mind, you profile before being a business one, is a social one. Therefore, it is important to give your fans the freedom of posting their status updates, reviews and ratings of your products.

Not Being Appreciative

Many at times businesses fail to appreciate the comments of their users. Businesses must understand that people take out time from their hectic schedules just to post a review/comment of your product and therefore, must learn to express their appreciation by saying words such as thank you, etc.

Doing so, will make the people feel that you value and appreciate their feedback. And this in turn will help in strengthening your relationship with them.

Not Responding To Comments

Businesses keep making this mistake for time to time and believe me, this probably one of the worst things to do, especially on social media.

Not responding to your users’ comments will make them feel that either you’re dormant or not concerned about them. And you certainly don’t want that to happen. So always remember to be consistent with your response rate.

Noel Gill

A Social Media expert; currently running his own site socialdon.com where he writes about social media analytics, marketing, statistics, and the overall role it plays in our everyday lives.

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