10 tips to improve Google Chrome browsing speed

Without having to quote browser usage statistics, Google Chrome is undoubtedly the favorite web browser of today’s always-online, always-connected generation. If numbers are any help, approximately 40% of Internet users browse with Google Chrome, according to web stats from W3Schools. How has it garnered such a dedicated fan following? For Chrome users, the answer is a no-brainer – compared to other browsers, Google Chrome is faster, sturdier and lighter.

Despite this, if Chrome’s been giving you performance issues, we suggest you go through the remainder of this post for some neat, speed-enhancing tricks.

Speed up your Chrome browser

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7 Tips For Crafting The Perfect Resume

Your resume showcases your skills and professional accomplishments to potential recruiters and a good quality resume could be the deciding factor in your job search success. In today’s competitive job market where recruiters are overwhelmed by the number of applications they receive for each job posting, it is essential that you make your resume stand out in the crowd. Here are some tips for improving and fine-tuning your resume.

resume tips

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Back to Basics: Design Principles that Work

As the internet grows as source of commerce and a launching pad for enterprises, it also offers more and more opportunities for designers to create stunning and attractive solutions for businesses looking to distinguish themselves from others.

This poses an interesting and exciting challenge to designers, who are working in a relatively new medium to meet the needs of their clients and constantly trying to push the envelope to catch the eyes, minds, and hearts of customers.

And while experimentation is necessary in any art form to keep it relevant, it is easy to lose sight of the fundamentals that built the art in the first place. Especially when working in such a virtual environment where new tools are available to the designer, keeping sight of the basic principles of design can get difficult.

Dieter Ram's 10 design principles... (more…)

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7 Essential Adobe Fireworks Tips for Web Designers

Adobe Fireworks is one of the best options for web designers who want to create and prototype graphics and interfaces for the web or mobile applications. No matter what other programs you’re used to using, Fireworks has what it takes to take your web design to the next level. Plus, it’s simple to use, and it easily interacts with other Adobe products.
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5 Repeated Mistakes Every Designer Must Avoid!

No matter how hard you try to be a perfectionist, you are bound to make mistakes. This is because human beings are flawed by nature and they can make blunders. The same is the case with graphic designers. But we shouldn’t regret from our errors. On the contrary, we should take lessons from our mistakes. You motto in life should be to Try until you don’t succeed

To try and fail is better than not trying at all. Instead of fearing of failure, graphic designers should be reactive to their errors in the future. The main problem is that many designers are unaware of the repeated mistakes they commit. Hence if these problems are identified, then you can surely learn to avoid them in the future.

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How To Become A Famous Template Designer In 30 Days

Even if you’ve got an undeniable amount of knowledge and experience within the field and work for an established web design company, going back to basics from time to time can help refresh your techniques and encourage professional growth as a website designer. If you’re just starting out, you’ll really appreciate a simple list of do’s and don’t’s when it comes to creating fantastic, functional template designs for your clients. With enough motivation and a hefty dose of creative flair, it really is possible to become a famous template designer in just 30 days!

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Tips to make Sign up Form more Interactive

Creating a Sign up Form is not something new thing in the Web designing field. Web developers deploy latest technologies to create interactive sign up forms. Some Websites ask for fewer details, while some   ask for more information. The requirement of user information solely depends upon the product/service being provided on a Website. For online stores like Amazon and EBay, it becomes quite necessary to verify user’s email address, credit card information, and even shipping address while finalizing the purchases. Yes you’re free to ask the information required, but you must have to consider the visitors’ point of view as well.

If a visitor found your sign up Form large, complicated, or difficult to fill then he/she immediately leaves your Website. Non-interactive sign up forms can reduce your chances of getting good number of signups and give the opportunity to your competitors to generate more money. In this write up, we’ll highlight a few effective ways to make Sign up Form more interactive.

Don’t ask for Sign up until required.

It is commonly observed that visitors stay only for 5 to 20 seconds on a Website to check whether it is useful or not. As soon as a visitor lands on your Website, engage him in the activities directly like creating a Family Tree, creating a Toolbar, creating a Web application etc. even before asking for sign up. The industry’s best examples in this regard are illustrated following:

  1. Nokia Ovi App Wizard – This Nokia Ovi Website directly engages the visitors to create a Nokia Ovi Application and after few steps it asks for registration. Visit its URL and you’ll notice a big green button ‘Get Started’. The application is saved so that visitors can browse it again after creating login ID and signing in.

OviWizard (more…)

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9 Considerations for Naming Your Site

Domain name is your first weapon to win the competition on online business. Having a good and easy to remember domain names will give you many benefits. Domain name has the same function with location on land store. If you want to buy domain names for your websites, here are several suggestions to help you get the best domain names.



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