Oracle WebCenter Portal Advancements

Working from home 20 years ago usually meant that a person was a homemaker. Today, telecommuting is becoming more popular as companies strive to improve efficiency, lift employee morale and help make the environment greener.

Thanks to platforms like Oracle WebCenter Portal, companies are able to stay in touch with their employees and customers at home and on the go. This Web platform allows users to utilize mobile devices like Smartphones, tablets and laptops to access unlimited information.

No matter the avenue, Oracle WebCenter Portal offers communications flexibility to a company that was heretofore unavailable.


There is no “I” in Oracle WebCenter Portal

Building a cohesive team is important to any company, no matter what its specialty may be. Departments, units and teams can be unified within Oracle WebCenter Portal. A single platform is easier to manage to for internal and external customers.

Sharing information is an integral component of Oracle WebCenter Portal. Users can connect to WebCenter applications anywhere through a web-enabled wireless device. This allows for information sharing on the go or in the office.

Storing information

The days of wondering how and where to access vital company information are over, thanks to Oracle WebCenter Portal. The content management aspect of this portal provides a seamless way to store and manage files, folders and key information.

This portal also helps to ensure seamless interaction among different platforms and frameworks. Furthermore, this portal is highly customizable to ensure that it is a comfortable fit for every environment.

Speed up your development

Although no one outside of the Information Technology department may understand what they do, developers are the lifeblood of any company’s electronic infrastructure. Computing architecture is not built in a day, so developing new innovations often takes time.

Oracle WebCenter Portal, however, helps speed up the development process because of its unified platform. Development is also quicker thanks to the portal’s comprehensive library that includes templates and tools that have a permanent shelf life. Another way that this portal speeds up your development is through a set of wireless services that gives users the ability to connect and interact with the rest of the ORacle WebCenter Suite from any mobile device including your desktop, laptop, tablet, and any other internet capable device.

If you don’t have to re-create the wheel, a new car can be built much more quickly.

Make it a social affair

Connecting is at the core of Oracle WebCenter Portal. Connecting employees, customers, applications and information improves every aspect of a company. This portal helps bring extracurricular services like social media, blogs and RSS feeds directly into applications.

The bottom line with this is that it helps to better connect people with the information that they need. When employees and customers are connected, productivity is increased and efficiency is improved.

Oracle WebCenter Portal unifies internal teams and departments within an organization. It also helps to improve customer experience, which is the goal of any company.

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