Government-Sponsored Green Development Contest: $100,000 in Prizes

The U.S. Energy Department has just officially opened the doors for submissions in its Apps for Energy Contest.  The general contest guidelines are pretty simple.  Developers can submit any original application for a mobile handheld device, personal computer, or any platform that grants easy access to the web, as long as it pertains to energy use, and uses Green Button data.

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Top 5 Web Development Apps for the Android Platform

As we head into 2012, it’s worth taking a quick timeout to assess the state of web development at the moment. It’s not getting any easier to develop websites nowadays, as new frameworks and technologies continue to crop up at an unrelenting pace. In order to be as productive as possible, you need to take advantage of any tool you can find. Android applications allow us to hone our craft and work overtime on web development projects from any location. Here are five of the best Android apps available at present for web developers.

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