How To Choose Your Next Computing Setup

If you’re lucky, you have a level of control over your office setup. That’s a given if you work for yourself, but many web companies today are flexible with their employees. The overarching rule: whatever helps you get the work done on time. In a recent post Dustin Lewis discussed office designs for productive work environments. Yet that’s only one piece of the puzzle. The machines we use to accomplish our tasks play a large part as well.

Choosing the right computing tool for the job might seem like an obvious, straight forward decision. But with the rapid development of computer technologies, and the ever-expanding definition of a computer, the conversation is perpetually in flux. There are a few different options, and each worker will find the greatest benefit from different choices.

The One-Device Solution

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Top ten reasons to choose a premium WordPress themes

WordPress is an excellent web development tool. Thousand of WordPress themes are available online with some stunning effects.  Wordpress has fully established itself as the perfect web development and web design tool.  More and more websites and blogs are using WordPress and its related plugin and themes.  WordPress is very essential for a website in similar ways these plugins are also substantially imperative.  There may be several reasons for using WordPress themes.  It may be either to increase the visitor to your website or to monetize your website.   When there is free means of obtaining WordPress plugin and themes why would people choose a premium WordPress theme?  It is logical.  There must be some reason that people are buying some Premium WordPress theme.  The facts are highlighted here.  Some of valuable reasons for using premium WordPress theme are mentioned below.

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20 High Impact Typographic Poster Designs

Typography is the art of arranging type face in such a way that the language becomes visible. In some cases, because of the careful arrangement of the font, sizes, spacing, and face, typography even forms images of people or whatever the artist may want to display. Typography, or basically selecting the right font, size, and carefully designing it (using graphic manipulation, Photoshop) is an essential part of any artwork or design. Your choice of type face and its arrangement is part of your communication strategy.

High impact typographic design doesn’t necessarily mean using bold and large scale fonts. High impact basically is being able to manipulate your type face in such a way that it becomes very effective in delivering the message you want to convey to a specific set of audience – hence your target audience. So how exactly do you make a typographic poster design high impact? Here are a few suggestions how:

Choose the right font style for a specific area in your design. Depending on which part of your canvas a type face is going to fall, make sure to analyze whether an edge needs a curve or a point. To better put shape into your typographic design.
Analyze light, medium, and dark tones in your typographic design by drawing the image in black and white first. This way, it will be easier for you to determine which areas need bold faced fonts, thin fonts, and medium sized fonts.
Using a graphic manipulation application (Photoshop for example) you can warp, skew, and change the perspective of you font. By carefully manipulating the font using these features, you will be able to shape your font into whatever style of image you like.
You may add texture to fonts by downloading texture images and layering and merging these with you font of choice.
The size, font style, shape, spacing, and face style of your fonts all add up to the overall design of your typographic poster designs. Make all these elements work together in harmony by putting appropriate balance.

Here are 20 examples of high impact typographic poster designs which you can draw inspiration from in starting your own artwork.

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Still Haven’t Played around with Pinterest?

There seems to be a social network for everything—you have Twitter if you want to promote certain articles or items on the web, you have Facebook if you want to make jokes with your friends, you have LinkedIn if you want to connect with someone on a professional level, and you have StumbleUpon if you just want something interesting to read. Unfortunately, none of these social networks put a focus on design.

Naturally, this led a group of professionals to create a social network called Pinterestin March 2010. As it turns out, many people have been waiting for a social network that puts a focus on design. The site was named one of the top five social media sites for 2011 by Time Magazine, and has reached 11.1 million unique visitors and counting. Its members range from designers, to companies hoping to feature certain products, to people just looking to check out some great visuals. Consider some of the cool features Pinterest offers and why it’s sure to be the turning point for designers and art lovers everywhere:

How Pinterest Works

Pinterest is a network that collects visuals and puts them into one place. There is never a long article about a visual, just simply a comment from whoever is sharing the artwork. This artwork can be a photo of a painting, a funny saying, a cool outfit, or a picturesque scene. Below lists some of the things a users can do with the visuals:

  • Create Design Boards – As you browse through the Pinterest network, you have the option of adding pictures you see to your boards. A board is simply a collection of pictures that you have hand chosen. Most users put some sort of theme to their board. For example, I have a board titled “Vintage Style.” When I browse the site and see a cool vintage ring, I add it to my vintage board shown below:

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Effective Process Management Solution: My Experience With Comindware.

After reading a very informative description of Comindware solution,  I decided to express my own point of view about this new effective software solution for project management which has the potential to seriously simplify our daily work within software projects. As an experienced project manager, I know a lot about effective programs and the methods of process organization that they involve.

Comindware Tracker is the online software solution for workflow automation.  To my mind, the most convenient feature of Comindware system is the accessibility through a browser.  Every member of a project team will have an access for live updates upon the process, and the possibility of exchanging the information by means of special collaborative tools. Stakeholders and freelance professionals who work remotely over a project can have role-based access to all the important information about project tasks by means of such software.

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Tips of how to Become a Good Photographer

Great people inspire us. From Leonardo to Shakespeare, great people instil wonderment and a sense of awe in us, which in turn inspires us to attain our own greatness. The world of photography has its own legends like Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon and Bresson Cartier, just to name a few. What is great about them that capture your imagination and attention? What traits do good photographers posses? The following tips will help you improve your photography so that you can produce more high quality photos.

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Quick Grunge Business Card Design in Just 10 Steps

Yes you read correctly – 10 steps to a grunge business card. Just follow the simple steps below and you can have a modern grunge design within an hour. Let’s begin.


First, setup your business card document. Open a new document in Adobe Photoshop and use the following settings below. These are the basic dimensions that many business card printers will use and accept. Take note that you can also ask for actually business card templates from them in Photoshop format. If they don’t then the settings below should be okay.

a.     Width: 88mm

b.     Height: 55mm

c.     Resolution 300ppi

d.     Color mode: CMYK


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Office Design that Optimizes Worker Productivity

If only it were possible to design your office space in a way that would increase and optimize your worker’s productivity.  Luckily for you, there is an easy fix to this problem.  Using the ancient Chinese methods of Feng Shui and the basic principles of space, openness, and lighting, you can have your office looking great and your worker’s performing even better.

When most people think of the most important elements of an office, they think about desks, chairs, computers, and other office equipment necessary for day-to-day business. Many businesses give little thought to the design and layout of the office, but this is a mistake. A well-designed office will boost productivity and help workers feel better about their jobs and the com pany. Using the basic principles of Feng Shui, it is possible to optimize any work environment with a few simple design changes.

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12 Awesome Photos Captured by Smart Phones

Aside from being smart, phones nowadays prove how they can also be “all-around.” Now, you can treat your phone as an electronic wallet through online banking applications, watch and stream the latest TV shows and movies, and best of all, take pictures anywhere at any given time.

Smart phones are equipped with cameras that are optimized for users to take high-definition photos and download applications for instant editing. With such innovations, it’s not impossible that smart phones can eventually replace digital cameras.

Here are twleve cool photos taken by the latest smart phones. See for yourself if there is still a difference with photos taken from digital cameras.

iPhone 4/4S

Those that top our list are pictures taken from iPhone 4 and 4S. Apple boasts of the stellar camera qualities of the iPhone 4S, enabling users to create almost professional-looking photos. Some photos featured here are not digitally-enhanced. You can observe the remarkable vibrancy of the photos, which most will not expect to come out of a mobile phone. The other ones are instantly edited through downloadable apps. Even so, the pictures displayed minimal noise, as if they were edited from a digital camera photo.

The first photo made it on top as it was not edited in any manner, but it was able to capture the pink light from the sunset and how it reflected on the white flowers. Furthermore, the background was blurred, which helped the viewers to focus on the subject. Capture amazing photos using a 20 MP Samsung camera.

Photos by: Sam Biddle courtesy of

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30 Beneficial CSS Tools And Generators for Developers

Tools always come handy when you’re busy with development working on tight schedules. But wait, why everything has to hand made. As a developer we have to opt in for smart work, not hard work. Yes, let do smart development using free available tools developed by our fellow developers to save time and money.

You can stylish and optimized website using these tools. Point to not is, we have a tool for almost every possible work. Yes you name it and Google will get it for you.

We know it ll be time consuming to search. Thus, we spent couple of hours to shortlist some of the real useful CSS tools and generators that might come handy for your ongoing project.

Here we go with 30 Beneficial CSS Tools and Generators for Developers:

1. CSS 3.0 Maker

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HTML5 Infographic : Past, Present and Future

‘HTML5-Past, Present & Future’ which sheds new light on the evolution, features and functionalists of HTML5. The infographic illustrates the evolution of HTML from its inception in 1990 to HTML5 in 2009 with the help of a timeline. The key features and the uses of HTML5 are also listed briefly. It reveals that Google Chrome and Safari are more compatible with Web applications using HTML5 when compared to Internet Explorer and Opera. On the other hand, Firefox maintains the highest browser compatibility on mobiles and tablets. Research indicates that the use of HTML5 in mobile application development has increased to 78% this year. It is also estimated that by 2016, HTML5 usage with mobile browsers will increase to 2.1 billion from 109 billion in 2010. (more…)

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Searching for the Right Sound: 10 Sites that Provide Free Sound Effects

Sound effects (also known as audio effects or sound designs) consist of natural, artificially created or enhanced sounds used to enhance the audience’s auditory experience, such as conveying mood and emotion or establishing a setting. They are routinely used in just about every electronic media, including radio, film, television and the web.

The use of sound effectsto establish mood or setting is nothing new. The ancient Greeks used sound effects to simulate rain, thunder and galloping horses in their theatrical performances. However, the art of sound design didn’t really come into its own until the 1930s with the rise of broadcast radio and the arrival of motion pictures with sound. In those days most sound effects were often performed live on set, created by special professionals known as “foley artists”.

In addition to the traditional media, sound effects are effective for augmenting various new mediaprojects as well. The application of specially selected audio effects can add excitement to a boring power point presentation, email or web page andbe used to add cool sounds to games and videos.

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18 of the Coolest International Phone Cards from Across the Globe

Phone cards have been with us for over 35 years now and although their production might have reduced in some countries since the growth in mobile phone usage, they still endure and are set to be one of the world’s most fascinating set of collect ables for years to come. Attention all hoarders and collectors out there, we’ve compiled a list of the 18 most memorable cards ever!

1. Where it all began

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Personalized Photobook album keeps your loving memories safe

Our life is full of surprises and special many days and times.  Actually each day brings new beginnings and opportunities.  And each with new person that we meet we have an opportunity for progress in some way. The special memories of our lifetime are part of what make us who we are.  Those most important people and moments in pressure us in ways that are indescribable.

At the same time as its clearly a good thing for people to be able to take as many photographs as they like, it does make it something of a problem in terms of storage. Almost every moment of every holiday can now be impressed, for example or each detail of a family party and get together, and what this means is that there are literally hundreds of photos which required be storing, saving and looking after.

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