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Everyone involved in online activities knows that, no matter how small and insignificant a logo may seem, the existence of it is vital for a successful online presence. Much more, it is a touchpoint for the brand and often shapes a potential customer’s first impression of your business, product or service. Therefore neglecting it is a very bad idea. Investing a reasonable amount of money to pay a logo designer is a business good choice, across time it may bring many benefits.

Instead of investing money for a single designer, comes with a nice solution that is advantageous for both designers and people in need of logos. It is a premium marketplace for ready-made or templates logo designs or more exactly, an online store where logos are sold.

For Clients / Businesses:

brand crowd

Selecting a logo that matches your profile is a tough task but due the Internet is full of solutions that mean buying logo design concepts is convenient. Paradoxically, it may take you more time because of the quality of the logos and not because of the lack of solutions. BrandCrowd is a well-known marketplace where anyone can buy logo design solutions. The biggest advantage of it is the quality of the items on sale. Here, only the best designers expose their works and it is the main reason why people spend so much time searching for their favorite one.

The administrators of this amazing website consider this fact and help the users choose the most suitable logo for their profiles. [Suggest making this into bullet points to make it easier to scan] Firstly, they created a very complete “frequently asked questions” page and everyone is informed about the details of logos transactions. Secondly, the “Help” section offers answers to some of the most stringent questions- it’s impossible not to be satisfied with it. Thirdly, but not the least, the navigational menu is wisely created and it canalizes every user to the type of logos desired. The logos are classified into many categories: construction, startups, dating, general, retail, security, pets and sports for example. It’s quite interesting to search by keyword or industry type as it gives you lots of ideas for what type of design you’re looking for.

Another attractive aspect of BrandCrowd is the cost of logos. Comparing with the financial requirements of other designers, here the prices range from a few hundred dollars to pretty high but the quality of these logos is incomparable. (If you are interested about a good logo, here is the perfect place but you should pay for it.) Some of the logos come with domains for sale which is a bonus. BrandCrowd has a special section where you may buy some interesting ones.

For Designers:


BrandCrowd looks after designers: they can set their own sale price for their designs, which is amazing, and means designers have full control over the marketing of your own creations. Much more, being contributor to such a famous marketplace strengthens your reputation, anyone can see your design portfolio (and might hire you for a project!) and the designer community on BrandCrowd is really supportive with designers able to upload designs for critique not just for sale.

Whether you’re a designer or client looking for creative inspiration or you want to sell or buy quality logo design, it’s worth checking out for premium off-the-shelf logo designs.


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