Creating The Right Company Logo

A logo can make or break a business. A strong logo can make your business one of the most recognisable in your industry. A poor logo, on the other hand, hurts your business’s image and accessibility.

Need proof? Think McDonald’s golden arches or Nike’s swoosh; global symbols of huge companies that prove a logo is a visual representation of a given enterprise. There is a lot on the line. You want to get this right.

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A good logo can accomplish many objectives, such as:

  • Giving a great first impression to potential customers and partners
  • Building loyalty between your business and customers
  • Establishing crucial brand identity
  • Showing the world that you are an established enterprise
  • Expressing your company’s most positive attributes at a glance

How can you create just the right company logo that accomplishes these goals? It might sound impossible, but by following the tips below, you have a much better chance of hitting the jackpot with your logo. Consider these bits of advice as you set out to create a smashing logo:

  1. Articulate a message that you want your logo to convey before you begin its design. This can be in the form of a mission statement.
  2. Check out the logos of other businesses in your niche. Figure out how you can differentiate your logo from these companies’.
  3. Think about your company’s personality. Is it light-hearted or serious? Your logo should reflect this.
  4. Think about your target audience. What kind of logo will it appreciate? A very colourful one or a more staid logo.
  5. Concentrate on the design. It needs to look great when it’s large, on the side of a truck perhaps, and when it’s small, on a business card, for example. It needs to be able to be reproduced easily and it should be scalable. It needs to look great in black and white (on faxes, photocopies, etc.) and in colour. It needs to be memorable and distinctive.
  6. Determine how your business name will drive your logo design. If you have a business named Cheetah Delivery, then you should probably have something in your logo to reflect those fleet cats.
  7. Include your company’s key benefit in the logo. If that is speed, your logo should look speedy. If that is trust, convey that somehow.
  8. Be careful with your colours. Five-colour logos will cost a fortune to reproduce. Most great logos do not use more than three colours, many of them use just one.
  9. Hire a designer. There are all kinds of experts that can create a boffo logo for a reasonable price.

For help with designing and reproducing a logo, visit Print-Print and get all of the input from its expert team. A typical printing company has seen scores of logos over the years, and they often have graphic designers that know how to follow all of the steps above to create a dynamic logo for your business.


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