The Most Sterling and Responsive Website Design Of 2014

There are websites with impressive designs, there are websites that fail to create a place for themselves in the user’s mind, and then there is the third kind: websites that are meant to boggle the minds! This write-up is about few such websites of 2014:


More Hazards


The folks at More Hazards surely know how to strike the right notes with their website design. A place for the music lovers, it is a breeze to navigate through the site. At the same time, it’s hard not to get stunned by the vivid charm the website paints all over its design.



This website can serve as an excellent portfolio for budding as well as experienced writers as it presents their content on stunning looking layouts and varying backgrounds. The readers have an equally enchanting experience.

A Book Apart

A Book apart is well and truly a class apart. The easy on eyes colors are complimented beautifully by easy navigation is icons that sit prettily at their places.


Travel Portland


The photographs, the detailing, the responsiveness – everything soars. The website impresses with its overall textures, easy navigation and comprehensive information.

These are Things

The designers have sent out a wholesome message through this site they are are some of the best talents around. Among several out of the box features, one that stands out is the imaganiary scroll feare that is responsive with different platforms.


Liverpool International Music Festival

The managers of this festival have made sure that the official website of the event doesn’t fall short on creativity. The festival was deemed to attract large crowds, and going by the quality of the website, good things were in store. Apparently, it delivered all the promises.


Cafe Evoke 

It brews up a taste that tempts you that tempt you just enough to grab you car and land up at the café to have your favorite bite. The designers seem to have downloaded carefully what the customers are looking for, and have equipped the site with the right elements.



Awwwards truly stands up to its name as its awe-inspiring designs can fetch for it several awards when it comes to recognizing the most creatively designed websites of 2013. The whole look is clutter-free and is well combined with great responsiveness.


New Museum

Navigating this website feels truly like exploring a museum, and that’s where it gets its name from. The website truly advocates what out of the box thinking can accomplish while designing.


The Boston Globe


This is an online new portal and you can imagine the amount of content that goes in daily to set it up. Despite the bulk of content, the designers have done a commendable job in making sure it exhibits the right spaces for the visitor to explore.

Jeremy Holmes Studio

This striking website is the official online face of a children’s book maker enterprise. It caters to its audience by getting soaked up into beautiful illustrations, intuitive designs and playful layout that attracts children.


Paul Rand, American Modernist

The man, who led the revolution of graphic design by example, has a worthy website dedicated to his works. It stands for everything Rand’s designs are known for and allows Rand to be the center stage.


Harvard University

The website is not intended to boggle your minds, but it surely will leave you impressed with its intuitive navigation, well-stretched out layout, and the sophisticated overall treatment.


Freelance Unleashed

A great platform for freelancers to flaunt their work with élan Freelance Unleashed is home to non-traditional elements and focuses on the right colors for its theme.



There is not a better place for supreme designers and illustrators to showcase their own work and admire the works of their peers.

Crafted for exclusivity, each of these sites has hit a sweet spot for people who appreciate a consummate work of art.



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