Adobe Photoshop Touch – The Latest Addition to the Photoshop Wizardry

Have a knack for capturing amazing pictures? Are you facing problems in capturing image elements that are hard to select?  Well, then you must check out the excellent Photoshop Touch, an app introduced by Adobe to the Android phone and tablet space. Quite often the picture we take via our mobile device isn’t just right and needs some modification, but using just any desktop software for editing the pictures can be bothersome. Adobe Photoshop Touch is a photo-editing app that enables you to capture perfect pictures.

Understanding about Adobe Photoshop Touch


Photo editing apps have been with us for a long time, in fact, there are a myriad of photo editing apps available for a variety of operating systems. These apps have been extensively used for basic image editing – be it cropping the image, adjusting the brightness level or color balance. However, with ever-increasing need of people for having better control over their pictures led to the need for a feature-packed app, rather than just any simple superior looking photo editor. And this is the reason that led to the development of Photoshop Touch.

What does Adobe Photoshop Touch Do?


Photoshop Touch app lets you use your fingertip to easily capture parts of the images that are often hard to select. After selecting the parts of an image you can extract the ones you wish to have by scribbling via the selection scribbling tool. You can also create a composite of two or more images, sync projects with Adobe Creative Crowd, and share your results via Facebook or Twitter.

It’s a simple yet powerful tool to start new photo editing projects, which brings the power of layers, filters, cropping, clone stamp, and tweaking to bring out the finest photographs.

How to use Photoshop Touch in Android

Android users now have the power to produce some striking pictures with Photoshop Touch app. Let’s have a look at some of the ways how to use Photoshop Touch in Android:

Working with layers


The basic idea behind Photoshop Touch is to work with layers and bring it to mobile imaging. This app combines several images on layers, and then fine-tunes the order of layers. Lastly, it controls layer cloudiness to create stylish image combinations. When you bring the layers into Photoshop they can be preserved on your desktop through Adobe Creative Cloud.

Merging of two or more photos and Creating Gag Shots


Do you wish to combine and merge two or more images together? Well, it’s possible now with Photoshop Touch – Scribble Selection tool. This tool lets you combine photos together, containing a live view with your Android device’s camera. With this tool, all you’ve to do is to find out the contours of the areas that you wish to keep and thrust aside. And rest of the work will be done by the app, even though you can still adjust the outlines if required.

Once you have taken photos with your tablet the Photoshop Touch app immediately allows it to manipulate it as a layer, using Camera Fill. Photoshop Touch is an ideal app that let you have an enjoyable way of creating gag shots.

Social sharing

Are you done editing some amazing pictures that you’re excited about? Can’t resist sharing it with your pals! Photoshop Touch lets you share your edited masterpieces with your friends and family through social networks like Facebook or Twitter from within the app without more ado.

Besides, Photoshop Touch app lets you view your edited photos and even the “likes” and the “comments” against those photos.


Are you searching for ways to be able to carry out image editing on your Android device? Have you ever used any photo editing app but still didn’t have the results that you envisioned? Now you can tweak your photos and turn them out to be exactly what you need by using the Adobe Photoshop Touch app.

The aforementioned are the three basic ways that make you understand the ways to use the Photoshop touch app for most of your needs. Although, it isn’t possible to get all the advanced features even in the paid version of Photoshop Touch, but undoubtedly this photo-editing tool comes with comprehensive set of features that will be plenty for most people.

So, next time when you just need to some quick tweaking of your images on your Android device and want to add some amazing professional effects, then the Photoshop Touch can get your job done efficiently.

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