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Generally search engine optimization has been frowned upon recently and due to no fault of its own. It’s simply due to lack of quality SEO’s if I have said it once I will say it again 80% of them are web designers with luck 19% of them are sales people looking too make a quick dollar. And finally the golden 1% that know exactly what they are doing. You will now learn the golden ticket Google has left local business from one those few one percenters.

So why is this the golden ticket to local businesses? Well for starters we all know that someone looking for your services in your location is a potential client. We know that if you’re close to them for example in the same city there is a fairly good chance you are doing them a favor too by offering them the service or product instantly.

So far you are with me yeah? That’s good because Google has made it even easier for your business inside said city to rank for your main keyword. And by the main keyword, I mean a keyword with 500-3000 monthly searchers. Think of it as free advertising by Google while in return making it more and more convenient for its users!

A Gander at Adelaide’s Business Landscape

You may be thinking that’s all well and good but if I’m, not an SEO expert like you how do I accomplish the same results. Well, to be honest, it’s very simple and I’ll go through the steps with you below. You don’t even need a website! That’s right you can even get around the expenses of hosting and domain registration. When creating your GMB listing you are given the option of getting a free website made for your business.

As you can see the benefits are endless. But before you start thinking up listing names think about keyword research. Keyword research is the foundation of any SEO from small to large. After all, there’s no point putting in the effort time and knowledge into this if no one will see it. One of the best ways to find keywords is Keywords Everywhere this extension shows you search volume instantly and as an added bonus shows related keywords too. The alternative is to contact a Adelaide SEO services agency and ask about GMB listings, this might be a better option if you’re not very computer savvy.

A Look at the Opportunity That Adelaide Offers

So how do you go about making the best listing name for your business? Well for starters find the highest volume convertible keyword and use it in your Google My Business listing name along with your brand name. The final result should look something like this “keyword – brand name”. Next look at filling in as much detailed information about your business as possible, don’t be lazy and copy and paste your loyal customers will be reading this!

Now, look at adding some unique photos that will grab the attention of your customers. Make sure you have added the correct hours and phone number of your business and finally click to verify. Google will then send you a postcard that will arrive in 5-14 days, simply go online and enter the verification code received. Presto! Your business live on one of the biggest search engines in the world with over 3.3billion searches per day.

What Makes Adelaide Perfect for Business Growth

Now it get down to the details if we look at Adelaide we can see it has a population of 1.306 million people. And we know by statistics that 88% of the Australian population actively uses the internet. Using simple mathematics we can determine that 1,148280 people are online in Adelaide. This is huge because at the end of the day those people using the internet are spending their time on YouTube, Facebook and Google.

This is perfect for local businesses! And here is the catch the numbers are always rising. Each year more and more people are getting online with their phones, tablets, laptops then searching for services and products.

Now at the end of the day I know some of you might be saying some things like my service does not need to be online we are a family run business, or my son takes care of all the internet jargon why should I spend my money on SEO.

  • Firstly everyone needs new clients or the business falls through it’s as simple as that.
  • Secondly because Jimmy might be awesome on Facebook does not mean he knows what he is doing when it comes to SEO.
  • Finally because it’s not money being spent its being invested into the online image of your business.

At the end of the day I am one hundred percent confident in the power of search engine optimization. It has helped thousands of businesses reach new heights with their services, customer base and brand image. It has given the power of local advertising back to the common people. Whereas earlier all the media outlets where dominated by businesses with the deepest pockets, SEO has made it possible for local smaller businesses to make their mark.

And if you ask me it’s not a moment too soon, with huge factories like Holden being shut down and outsourced to cheaper international countries. We in South Australia are getting more and more desperate for jobs. So it comes as no surprise that SEO helping local businesses getting in more and more customers will help them hire more hardworking Aussies.


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