The Importance of Content Marketing in SEO World

Whether you are a small independent blogger or a marketing expert working for a large company, the importance of SEO cannot be overstated. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains the de facto determinant when it comes to whether or not your content is seen on the web.

According to HubSpot, however, only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their overall conversion rates, with 61% of marketers stating that search engine optimization of their content is their top priority. The same research concluded that organic SEO brought more than 5 times more positive results to a business as opposed to paid ads.

While quality content is important, the benefits of SEO and additional optimization outweigh sheer original content or paid advertisement. With that in mind, let’s take a look at several benefits of SEO and search ranking optimization which will help you stand out from the competition.

Where to start with SEO?

Before we get into the importance of SEO in greater detail, let’s take a look at several facts you should be aware of going forward. Optimizing your content for SEO translates to following content optimization trends popular in your industry.

If the keyword “book design” is popular in graphic design this month, it’s worth talking about the topic on your design blog or website. As with any form of content optimization, different platforms and tools are available to make the process more straightforward.

In regards to content optimization, specialized SEO tools such as WebCEO’s Keyword Suggestions can help you find popular keywords, phrases and content patterns for future publishing. Coupled with text editing platforms such as Evernote,, and Hemingway, they can help you improve your search engine ranking by a significant margin.

Come up with topics to write about or products to post for sale and make sure to use these and other similar tools while creating content for your brand. The benefits of SEO for your website will only go so far as you are ready to go in terms of search engine optimization.

  1. Growth of Brand Awareness

No matter what niche your website operates in or in what capacity (blog, eCommerce, company presentation, etc.) search engine optimization is still important. Brand awareness should be the first topic of discussion when it comes to positioning your business on the market.

Different industries already have leaders who aren’t keen to share the market with new players (most of the time). SEO for your website and any content you publish under your brand name can help you achieve just that.

By building brand awareness early on, you will create a lasting impression in both B2C and B2B sectors when it comes to your brand name. In this regard, the importance of SEO cannot be overstated since any products or services you push to the market, later on, won’t matter without brand awareness.

  1. More Incoming Traffic

At the end of the day, every business’ goal is to attract customers or followers and make more revenue. Building a company blog and posting original content will only get you so far without search ranking optimization.

Organic search is an important part of modern society, especially with more affordable global commute and travel. People often search for new content, products, and services on the go, through their smartphone or iOS devices and portable computers. Whether through Google, Yahoo, Bing or another search engine, you want your content and brand to be present on the first page of their search results.

Optimizing your content for better ranking will bring numerous benefits of SEO for your website, including higher traffic, conversion rates, and subsequent revenue streams. You will also be more viable for ad monetization through Google which will also help you trickle additional revenue for your cause. Never underestimate the value of traffic generated by your content and you will quickly realize the importance of SEO in regards to making your content more visible and appealing to the global audience.

  1. Worldwide Testimonials & Advocacy

Many brands fail to see the importance of customer engagement and communication with their audience. The bigger a company gets, the less likely they are to engage consumers on a personal level through live events, surveys or requests for feedback.

Search engine optimization of your content will allow you access to a global network of followers and customers for whatever product or service you have on offer. Global exposure brings numerous benefits of SEO to your table as a result, allowing you to engage with your audience from around the world. You can ask for reviews, testimonials, comments and user-generated content from different global sources to be used in your upcoming marketing campaigns.

This type of forthcoming business practice isn’t often seen on the web and will likely bring you even more positive word of mouth, exposure, and traffic over time. In order to make the most of it, however, you will have to embrace the importance of SEO for your content beforehand.

  1. High Return on Investment

While SEO may seem like a bottomless pit in terms of resource investment, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Remember that you have very real competitors on the market who are ready and able to invest in search ranking optimization just as you are.

Each minute of your time or penny of your revenue invested into SEO will net positive results over time. You will be able to make up for any monetary investment into SEO tools or research in quick succession once your traffic spikes upward.

In that regard, it’s worth looking at the benefits of SEO and considering the optimization process in a positive light. The more you are able to do for your content and brand to be more visible, the better chances you will have in the competitive SEO world.

Mistakes to Avoid

Now that we have a better idea of the importance of SEO in modern content creation, let’s take a look at several mistakes to be mindful of. These mistakes can have the opposite effect of what SEO is all about, so make sure to avoid them at all costs:

  • Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the practice of filling your content with as many instances of one or two keywords as possible. This can flag your content as “spam” by search engines which will automatically rank your links lower as a result. Use keywords sparingly throughout your content and make sure that your original idea doesn’t suffer as a result of search ranking optimization.

  • Wrong Keywords

You should always rely on keywords which are popular in your specific industry. Whether that’s travel, cooking or personal fitness techniques, make sure that the keywords you use reflect your brand, values, and products. Use the right keywords for your industry and you should see positive benefits of SEO for your website.

  • General Lack of Formatting

SEO relies on more factors apart from keyword optimization (although it is the most obvious and important part of it). Any content you publish online should be formatted correctly, with headings, subheadings, and additional multimedia material to enrich the experience. Your multimedia should be well-optimized and not take too long to load for users with slower or limited bandwidth. Keep your search engine optimization parameters in check when deciding what content to publish and whether or not it is formatted adequately.

Some impressive stats on Content Marketing in SEO

Every shred of evidence clearly indicates the importance of efficient Content Marketing in the context of Search Engine Optimization. A study published by Econsultancy has revealed that nearly half of the companies they’ve interviewed say that content marketing is an essential component of their SEO strategy.

However, the Content Marketing Institute has revealed an acute problem that organizations are facing in a study they published back in 2017. According to their findings, 63% of organizations don’t have a documented content strategy.

One of the most shocking statistics that substantiates the importance of content marketing in SEO is how much business is done exclusively on the first page of Google’s search results. We all know how essential it is to provide our readers with impeccable and valuable content to drive a sense of appreciation and notoriety ion a particular niche.

However, content is also central to ranking high in search engine results. Well, the websites that actually make it to the first page by investing time and effort into creating high-quality content have access to 95% of internet users that are Googling a relevant query.

Essential tools

WebCEO’s Keyword Suggestions — WebCEO has been on the market for quite a while. They’re operating since 2001 and have serviced over 1 million businesses and organizations. With their Keyword Suggestions, you can analyze your competitors’ strategy and create your own, based on what they’re doing, segment your keywords, export complex reports, and many more.

Mozcast Google Feature — this tool is designed to considerably improve your Domain and Page Authority (DA & PA), grow your organic traffic, and ensure that search engines are indexing all of your data properly.

Yoast Content Analytics — your content needs to abide by a set of strict rules in order to rank well. This is a great tool that will flag numerous issues that may stop your content from ranking high in the search results.

SumoMe Content Analytics — discontinued.

In Summary

It’s easy to see the importance of SEO in the grand scheme of things. The internet is increasingly saturated with new businesses, brands, and individuals trying to make a name. SEO can help you achieve just that for your brand or website, so make sure to take these factors into consideration going forward.

Use the tools we’ve listed previously to check your content’s current status and what you can do to improve your content creation pipeline going forward. It’s never too late to turn things around for your search ranking optimization, so make sure to start the process now to make the most of it as soon as possible.

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