Search Engine Optimization: What is your company missing?

It’s not that your content is crap. In fact, yours are probably among the best written articles on the topic, and all they need is some appreciation. But your website rarely gets visited like some long forgotten store that eventually, you will have no other choice but to close down. With the vast billions of Internet users today, how could it be that you couldn’t even capture even a millionth of it. Then you try to contemplate what the problem is…

Usually, it’s marketing, and the apparent lack of it.

Very few realize that sometimes, it’s not really about your web content or site design. As in business, having quality products and services is just half the requirement—you also have to let as many people know about your products and services, otherwise, there wouldn’t be any translation to sales. Thus, you have to promote, you have to advertise, you have to market.

Search Engine Optimization defined

When it comes to websites and web content, one of the top Internet marketing strategies is SEO or search engine optimization. SEO means making your website or page more visible and relevant for search engine spiders, such that it would rank higher in search results and have a higher chance for more clicks and visits.

SEO techniques come in different types. There are so-called white hat techniques such as comment marketing, linkable asset creation and guest posting to other people’s blogs, which involve no manipulation and are deemed as acceptable by search engines. There are also black hat techniques, which involve ranking manipulation and methods disapproved by search engines such as spamming link generating tools, comment spamming and negative link building. It is advisable to go for white hat strategies to avoid getting blocked or banned by search engines and facing unfavorable consequences.

SEO and your business

With your website’s lack of readership, it is important to have your website or page search engine optimized. Here are 5 things that SEO can do for your website and your business:


1. Give you visitors and readers

Since SEO’s main aim is to make you rank higher in search engine results, there is a higher possibility of your page or site getting clicked or opened whenever someone searches for your keyword. And because your site appears only when your keyword/s is/are searched, there is a higher tendency for you to receive “targeted traffic”, or visitors who actually need or are interested in your content, business, product or service.

High ranking on Google, Yahoo!, Bing or any other search engine can give searchers a certain level of trust among searchers, believing that your site or content is always relevant to their search. That way, they will tend to keep coming back.

2. Provide competitive edge against competitors

Usually, the higher your search engine ranking is, the higher is the probability of your link being clicked. This gives you competitive advantage over competitor businesses or sites, as your page looks more relevant and credible. Page visits and reads can also lead to more followers and sales.

 3. Pave way for more Internet marketing ideas

SEO involves keyword research, which can be described as Internet and SEO’s version of market research. It refers to the use of tools in order to figure out the exact words (keywords) that people use in web searches involving your site, business or product. It also involves other research processes to figure out the effectiveness of certain campaigns. Through these methods of evaluation, you will be able to find out which keywords to use more and what strategies work best in getting more customers and page views and reads.

 4. Generate good investment returns

While some are wary about SEO costs, such investment is actually worthwhile, as marketing (advertising and PR) is also worth spending for in businesses. It is through marketing that people will be aware of what you’re offering and eventually get to purchase them.

Go for SEO

Again, the importance of marketing is indeed undeniable in doing business online or offline. That you have good content isn’t enough to get you your required results. It is important to market your site and build your reputation, as it is the best way to generate not just generous traffic, but also income.

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