Top 5 SEO Tips to Make Google Rank Your Apps Better

Making your app rank well and become popular in the apps stores requires an array of maneuvers similar to SEO activities and without them you cannot expect to build up a good volume of organic search traffic for your apps. From finding an appropriate logo or naming the app properly to providing relevant links to the app, from promoting the app on social sites to getting it covered by reputed industry blogs, there are wide array of effective maneuvers to make Google rank your apps better. Here we introduce a few tips to achieve that.

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1. Find a great name and logo for the app

Naming proves often crucial for an app to become successful. From technical point of view the name serves as the anchor text for app links and so the relevance of the name in relation to the app is important. Secondly it must be catchy enough to impress the users at first encounter. Often a word continues to resound in our ear and we cannot explain why it happens so and there lies the naming trick. Appropriate and attractive logo corresponding to the theme and name of the app is another important factor to draw attention quickly.

2. Make relevant linking

By opting for the default linking button you actually choose to remain as one of the lot and naturally Google will consider your app accordingly. Remember in singling out apps for better ranks relevant and unique anchor text is one of the most important criteria and so it is always recommended to use your own app’s name and text in the link instead of going for the so called ‘available’ option.

3. Don’t forget QR codes

Make sure that your app has its QR code before publishing it on the apps store. These days it is the smartest way to access an app on any device and just anywhere. On the other hand without QR code you actually help searchers avoid you. Moreover, Google also gives preferences to apps with QR code and so to hit search ranks do not forget QR codes.

4. Promote your app through social media

The importance of promoting an app on social media is well known to everyone but in most cases people just make their presence felt for initial few days or months with posts on prime sites like Facebook or Twitter. But a more rigorous approach is required for a better result. Try to make your promotion cover as much social platforms as possible and make it a point to follow all of them regularly.

5. Let your app be promoted with industry blogs

When your travel app is mentioned and written upon by a well known travel blogger in his blog or another reputed site, it would definitely find a lot of people take interest in your app. There is nothing like being mentioned and promoted by industry bloggers. Besides giving you a great exposure it gives you valuable back links as well. Google holds such recommendation and good linking scheme in great estimation and it invariably results in better search ranks.

It is again those long recommended White Hat SEO techniques that make Google think of you in positive terms. Prior to your app launch plan a strategy to promote your app utilizing all possible resources and it will bring better result than getting worked up all of a sudden.

Chirag leuva is the CEO of Yudiz Solutions, a Mobile Application Development Company ; where he works to bring client ideas to reality. He enjoys pushing the limits of user interaction and finding ways to create awesome reusable components within a mobile environment.


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