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SEO is important for almost all the individuals and companies. All the companies want more and more traffic to be directed toward their website. The process of performing this task takes a few months if implemented correctly. It is more flexible as far as small and medium sized companies are concerned because they can easily adapt to changes. Title tags play a major role for obtaining SEO to a particular website. The title of the site should be chosen such that they provide the high rank to the website. Every webpage on a website should have a unique title tag.


Following are a few things that one should keep in mind for using title tags:

  • One should always go after the target audience and not go into the broader sense. One should not take chances by using broad keywords since it may affect the page ranking.
  • The focus should be entirely on the target audience and aiming towards the specific demographic or gender. This information should be in the title tag because it increases the chances of having a better page rank for small companies. Being specific will increase your chances since it will narrow down the searches to specific keywords.
  • The title should be less than 65 characters because if the title is greater than 65 characters then they are not used by the search engines.
  • One should do research to find out about their competitors and know what his strategy is because it is a good SEO practice.
  • Keywords are always first and the branding of the websites comes second. One should always use a title tag that contains information about the website first and then the company or the brand name. One should start with specific keywords and then provide the name of the company.
  • Don’t mind if you are using company specific jargon but first you have to do a research to find out which jargons are most used by the people when they are searching for something. There are various tools in the market which would help you to determine the keywords that are used by the people.

Even if setting title tag is important there are a few things which can affect the rank of a webpage.

These problems of using improper title tag are as follows:

  • There will be various pages that will compete with each other for the keywords this will create problems since the most relevant pages will not be displayed to the users. There should not be multiple pages have the same keyword. We have to be concerned about the quality of our website not about the quantity of keywords.
  • If you don’t target the correct audience then there would be no conversion since only proper audience will convert to your website and the rest will leave your website.
  • One should not focus on target marketing and focus on branding instead. If you focus a lot on the company’s name then the title would not be able to convert users from the search results since the user will not be able to actually search for the web page.

Summary: Title Tag is most important as far as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and by using the above mentioned tips you can increase the traffic of your company.

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