5 Great Tools for SEO Project Management

Coming up with the right Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can drastically improve your website’s ranking online. And even though great SEO requires some manual labor and what we like to call our very own “Cadbury secrets”, when it comes to actually implementing a new SEO campaign, it’s the project management part of the equation that often leaves companies gasping for air. Regardless of the SEO strategy that you devise, you will need some trusty SEO project management tools in order to see it through to fruition. Lucky for you, I’ve been involved in SEO for the past half dozen years, and so I can point you towards a number of tools, a few of them free, that can give your SEO projects and your website a welcome boost.

These are my top picks for 5 great tools for SEO project management:

1. Raven’s SEO Tools ($100 to $250 per month)

link manager

I’ve personally used Raven as an SEO project management tool with much success. Not only is Raven’s SEO suite well regarded within the SEO industry, it also allows companies to customize the user dashboard by adding a company logos and even creating a dashboard with a name that personalizes it to your company, or your client’s company if you are an third-party SEO firm. Raven draws data from a few different back up sources—including Google Analytics—to give you the “big picture” view of your SEO campaign as it develops and grows.

2. SEOBook’s SEO Toolbar (Free)

Seo toolbar

This great SEO project management tool by SEOBook plugs right into your Firefox Web—providing an overview of SEO campaign data with just one click. You can think of this SEO Toolbar kind of like your master control for any SEO campaign because it puts all of your keyword data and analytics all in one centralized place. This way, you can check competitors’ stats, review your own websites, and look up keyword phrases all from one toolbar.

3. Market Samurai (approximately $150 for life)


This extremely popular project management suite for the SEO sect is part keyword research tool—part SEO analytics tool. Not only is Market Samurai one of the few pieces of software available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, it helps discover less obvious promoted site content as well as highly relevant back links to boost your site traffic as well. Market Samurai’s strengths are analytics—which include a summary of your competition’s top 1000 back links and super efficient search engine rank tracking.

4. SEMRush (approximately $70 to $150 per month)


SEMRush is a keyword-specific SEO tool that opens your eyes to both paid and unpaid organic search results. Use SEMRush evaluate site’s keyword performance, export SEO data in your preferred format, or to help you find out what your competitors are doing better than you (i.e., like targeting new niche keywords, or find out what keywords your competition is using that are missing from your SEO campaign).

5. Google Analytics (Free)


This list wouldn’t be complete without the name Google on it. And Google Analytics helps you to understand and convert your paid advertising and SEO campaigns to actual web traffic—then use the reporting features to impress your clients and your boss! On top of that, Google Analytics is free with a user-friendly interface that makes use of top and left navigation to help you find what you want quickly, such as real-time data reports and inbound web traffic sources.

Caeden M MacGregor is a staff writer for SEO in Vancouver who specializes in blogging on viral marketing, social media, and internet marketing tips and techniques. Caeden has written for numerous blogs in a variety of fields ranging from software to fitness, and from gourmet food to travel. He currently lives in Katy, Texas with his wife, young daughter, and his best friend, a French bulldog named Morty.


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  1. Really a good list of SEO analysis tools. These tools provide such a good help to manage SEO projects and specially Google analytics which is a free tool and can help in SEO Projects in many ways.

  2. Iveta says:

    Really a very good list of SEO tools. We are using SEM RUSH and Google Analytics now and are ready to consider to use 3 more Tools.!

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