30 Essential and Effective SEO Tips For Bloggers

What is SEO? Virtually there is no person in the internet world who is unaware of SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique used to improve the quality and volume of traffic generated to a website through various search engines. Without optimizing there is no guarantee that your website will pop up in search engines for user access. For a business oriented website, implementing SEO is very important. In today’s internet marketing world search engine optimization is the real game changer as it plays a vital role in bringing digital brand to your product. These days a majority of online business persons are making use of SEO techniques to expand their trade throughout the world.

30 Essential and Effective SEO Tips For Bloggers

Why SEO?

  • It is the best platform to give global exposure to your product 24hrs a day.
  • Going by the surveys and reports, it is said that people gets attracted more towards the advertisements of SEO (3 times more) than the paid advertisements.
  • SEO service is usually recognized as one time investment service. This is because once your website becomes popular; you will have a regular business and regular customers irrespective of the advertisement. Just keep updating the information and you will definitely benefit in the long run. For best ROI invest in SEO today.
  • As we all know that SEO helps to increase the website traffic thus by creating enough business. It plays a significant role in increasing your website ranking in search engines. Higher the ranking of your website, more the popular it becomes.

Here I present the list of 30 essential and effective SEO tips for bloggers

1. Social bookmarking social bookmarking

Social bookmarking is all about liking your website by the visitor. If any user social bookmarks your blog or website, it means he is creating important link to the search engine.

2. Use Anchor texts

For inbound links that connect to the website pages use different types of anchor texts.

3.Add site map

Irrespective of whether it is a blog or website site map is required. It should link to all pages in the website

4. Build backlinks

Give prominence to build back links to your website. These back links link your website to other websites. Back links with related websites can do business for you.

5. Add titlesblog post title

It is always recommended to add titles to the web links you create. It helps to increase the search engine visibility.

6. Deep linking

It is another version of back linking. Make sure that the back links are created to many pages even if they are not connecting back to your home page

7. META tags

When posting META tags also include heading with same content as that of META tags. Don’t forget to use H1 tags in the heading.

8. Use HTML tags

Always use HTML tags in and around keywords which describe the relevant web page. Don’t overuse them. html tags


9. Article exchanging

Everyone heard of link exchanging but you can also try something called article exchanging. Exchange articles so that you can post someone else’s articles and vice-versa.

10. Add unique content to the website

When it comes to the SEO, website content matters to the most. Make sure that your website content is unique, correct, original and plagiarism free

11. Include target keywords

Use target keywords in proper headings that matches with the content. Keywords density is important for SEO.

12. Search engine submission

Once your article is published submit to different search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing

13. Press release

It is good to have some press releases related to your business and submitting them to web directories is even better. press release

14. Highlight keywords

Highlight few keywords and enclose them in <b></b> tags. Highlight only important keywords

15. Newsletters

By offering some kind of article writing service to article publishers like ezinearticles, you will get the long term exposure you are looking for.

16. Elaborate your business information

Give enough information about your business. A minimum of 450 words are required to elaborate the topic.

17. Don’t play tricks

Don’t trick the content or keywords in different colors and fonts.

18. Directory submissionweb directory submission

Include your business information in the business directories of other countries like Canada, UK and USA

19. Use keyword phrases

In the process of SEO, most of the times you are recommended to use keyword phrases instead of keywords

20. Use Alt image tags

Use alt image tags for every graphic or image. You can use the title of the image as the alt title also.

21. Multiple domains

Incase if you are dealing with two different types of businesses then it is good to have separate domains for every business instead of one.

22. Add user friendly keywords

Always include user friendly keywords or the one which is used by common man

23. Avoid over optimization of websiteover optimisation

You optimize the content in such a way that even normal people should understand. Write for human not spiders.

24. Keyword specific domain name

Try to get domain name that includes keywords. It is recommended but it is not necessary.

25. Update unique content daily

More the fresh content you add more the search engines will prefer it.

26. Keyword density

It is always recommended to have about 3 to 7% keyword density. It is search engine friendly.

27. On page and off page SEO

Apply SEO techniques that involve both off page optimization and on page optimization

28. Hire SEO professional

For quick and best results hire some professional who have decades of experience in SEO

29. Avoid black hat SEO avoid black hat SEO

Always don’t use black hat SEO as it mess up your website. But sometimes black hat SEO is recommended.

30. No spamming

Avoid Spamming as it will create bad impression on the visitors and hence bad impression on Google.


SEO is all about getting high ranks for your website in different search engines. Keyword phrase selection, off-page SEO and search engine friendly optimization are the three basic elements needed to increase traffic to any website. In addition videos, articles and press releases also boost SEO placement.

This article is written by Debarshi Ghosh Dastidar. He is a self taught web designer and an SEO expert. He is also a contributor to WebcreationUK ecommerce services


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