2012 Olympics Infographic

Infographics have quickly become a popular and useful tool for link-building campaigns, allowing for a phenomenal number of links to be built when utilised to their full extent. However, because they’ve become such a strong form of link-bait, they’re beginning to be over used, resulting in some extremely poor infographics being distributed (in terms of both data and design).

So whenever I see a decent infographic doing the rounds I’m always happy to repost it – particularly as infographic design and distribution is an important part of my regular work over at Designbysoap.co.uk.

Recently I came across the following 2012 Olympics infographic commissioned by the team at Golden Riviera Casino, examining the top countries in terms of medal wins, the most successful Olympians, the youngest and oldest competitors, sports no longer involved in the Games and a host of other interesting statistics. The infographic is not only very well designed and researched (making it a shining example to anyone interested in utilising infographics as an SEO tool), but it’s been extremely popular – reaching number one out of 147 Olympic infographics on Visual.ly:

One particularly fascinating statistic that caught my eye was the inclusion of duelling with pistols at earlier Olympic Games – I’ve got no idea how that would work but I imagine there was only a gold medal on offer!

If you’d like to repost the above infographic then feel free, just please link back to this post on Skyje.com or to Golden Riviera Casino if you choose to do so.

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