20 Creative Logos With Concealed Messages!

To make a creative logo design is not every designer’s work. One of the most difficult of designs in branding is the art of hidden logos. Since I am also a logo designer, I have been fond of learning the art of creating logos with hidden messages. You must be familiar of some famous logos that display a concealed meaning within thei logo. As an example, take the FedEx logo that has an arrow concealed in between the ‘E’ and ‘x’.

The most popular method of erecting hidden logos is by employing negative space.
For you to understand the concept of hidden logos with negative space, here is an inspirational collection of 20 inspiring logos that conceal a hidden messages . So come along and see if you can decipher them out.

247 b/w

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Important Interview Questions for Logo Designers – Prepare Yourselves!

Ever had this moment where you are sitting in an interview for a job and you blank out in front of the interviewer? It is a real dreadful site for a professional logo designer to be unprepared in a job interview. This is especially for aspiring logo designers who lack the experience of going through the hiring phase. In order to pass a recruitment interview, you must come prepared with all possible things that might be asked from you. Since most design interviews are typical and have similar questions, you can brace yourself for the meeting well in advance.


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4 Wicked Types of Client to Avoid – Beware Logo Designers!

For a logo designer, client is everything for their logo design business. This is because the clients are the ones who provide you with the revenues and profits. This is why it is significant to understand clients for your design business. However don’t be exceedingly reliant on clients otherwise you will be trampled.

There are certain clients that are so wicked that they turn out to be a nuisance for logo designers. Clients who coerce designers to perform out of the boundaries are not goof for designers. And no logo design project can work productively without a mutual understanding between clients and designers.

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28 Astonishing Letterhead Print & Logo Designs

Print design can be a tricky area. You have to consider a lot of specifications and typography styles before sitting down at the computer. However some of the best designers are able to create entire brands around a single company image. Below is a gallery of 28 fantastic examples of letterhead design in print work. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Neublok Branding



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