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  1. Bush Tag says:

    True !! a simple logo will work in any case !!

  2. A PASSION FOR CREATING LOGOS: Here are my thoughts – Appearing on almost everything an organization produces, no other single graphic element has as many responsibilities as the logo. Not just a pretty picture, a logo is THE unique visual definition of client and/or product. A key signature, it is the window to their core identity, invoking emotion, establishing individuality, capturing personality and promise, creating a memory and triggering a response. It is the heart when creating design standards, a major ingredient when developing brand recognition and a vital factor when establishing customer recall. Professionally, there are few design rewards greater than creating a logo that is right on the mark.
    Remember: Research, concept, simplicity, clarity…communicate.

  3. Wilmer says:

    Well, right in the simplicity of the logos, I did a lot of trouble on the design of my logo for my blog.
    I spent much time trying to design a logo with many images and colors, and go about 4 times to change the logo on my blog, now thanks to your advice I will make a simple but eye-catching logo.
    Thanks for the information.

  4. Important points have been mentioned. I’m a designer and I always aim for a simple logo. Here’s my logo for my company
    Its a circle with ! cut out from the negative space. What do you think of it?

  5. Ravi says:

    Some good tips here; I always think a logo should look good big and small, good in colour or b&w, and simple enough so people recognise your company straight away.

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