Ups & Downs of Crowdsourcing Your Design

For those of you who are unaware of the concept of Crowdsourcing, let me start off by giving a brief history. Crowdsourcing initially began when the term was invented by Jeff Howe in 2006. It is built around the concept of starting an online project where clients can pool in the resources of a group of creative people. This innovative idea gained immense popularity and was implemented by the design industry as well. The earliest site to launch an online design contest was 99designs. Soon after, the trend skyrocketed as more sites like MycroBurst, CrowdSPRING and LogoTournament emerged.

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5 Steps To A Great Logo Design

Choosing a new logo design for your business can be a difficult task. How can you use your logo to communicate your brand and keep your business in the minds of your customers? A great logo design is the first and most important step towards ensuring that customers remember your brand. Designing a logo which is memorable, yet communicates your brand’s personality, is a huge challenge.

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22 Conceptual Logos that Convey the Right Message

The principal cause of a logo design is to convey the brand message to its customers. But without a solid concept, the logo will be fruitless for any corporate identity. This is because a logo without concept gives a vague and faceless representation for any business. Major brand identities like FedEx, Nike and Apple all possess logos that are not only conceptual, but also meaningful.

The most crucial process for a designer is to incorporate a meaningful concept in the logo. The idea is to create an allusion of the company’s purpose using creative symbols and techniques. A perfect example of this is FedEx logo that ingeniously incorporates an ‘arrow’ between the letters ‘E’ and ‘x’. Even though the design of this famous logo is simple, the conceptual framework is highly intricate.

In order to give you a better idea of how to create conceptual logos, here are 22 creative ideas of how to convey the company message in the right way in a logo design.

Musical Store


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Need To Buy or Sell A Logo ASAP?

Not every web designer has a graphic design background. An even smaller number have a specialised skillset in identity or logo design. So what to do if your client asks to design them a logo in the course of your relationship, and you’re time-poor and not a graphic designer to boot? You could attempt the design yourself, and this might suffice as a placeholder within the design. There is an alternative if you want to deliver a top job for your client – head to a ready-made logo marketplace that offers premium creative logo designs for sale.


You might not now but recently the world’s biggest logo marketplace was acquired by DesignCrowd. It’s since been relaunched as BrandCrowd a marketplace for designers looking to sell any unused logos and for anyone hunting for a logo design.

It’s a repository of high quality unused designs offering a great experience for buyers and sellers:

  1. Only high-quality designs are displayed so buyers browse through a well-designed set of logos organised into keyword and industry categories.
  2. Designers focus on creativity (no client driven briefs).

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A Guide To The Psychology Of Color In Logo Design

Color can be an important visual communications device that can intimately affect the psychology of the observer on a subconscious level. It can help determine a consumer’s relationship with a given product or company and play an important role in branding.

Color can evoke a wide variety of emotion and even memories. An individual’s interpretation of color will depend on factors like their age, nationality, profession, interests, and personal preference.

It therefore can’t be stated strongly enough that to use color effectively, you must completely understand your target audience.

For example, when faced with a new product, consumers place color and visual appearance (93%) above other factors such as texture (6%) and sound and smell (1%). It’s also interesting to note that 85% of shoppers cite color among the main reasons for why they buy a product.

And other studies have shown that color increases brand recognition by as much as 80%. That’s an amazing statistic when you consider that branding relates directly to customer confidence.

You’d be wise to consider the ramifications of color when designing a logo. Here’s a basic guide to the psychology of color…

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6 Encouraging Techniques of Becoming a Creative Designer

One of the most distinguishing of being a designer is creative flair and artistic instinct. Be it graphic, web or logo designer, they are known for their design aesthetics. In order to remain unique, they must display creativity and novelty in terms of ideas and design. Without this quality, they cannot achieve originality.

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20 Artistic Logos Inspired by Line Art Technique!

After the field of logo design has evolved over the years, many new techniques of designing a logo have surfaced. Among some of the artistic techniques is Line art. It has been present in graphic designing, but has been introduced recently in logo design. It entails the method of using straight or bent lines on a simple backdrop to create an attractive logo design.One of the most suitable locations where line art logos are used is in logos for fashion outlets and clothing shops. It is used to symbolized thread or string that is employed in creation of articles of clothing. A variant of the line-art design is continuous pattern. In this, the logo is formed out of a continual line that is shaped into a meaningful shape. (more…)

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5 Quick Ways to Earn More from Your Design Business!

Previously, the concept of getting graphic and logo design through online companies was in its nascent stages. Back in the days, there used to be just a few businesses online that provided logo design services. But soon later on, the contest puffed up radically over the years and it is hard for logo designers to maintain stability of their profits.

Of the many design businesses in the market, only a handful of them are able to survive. One reason for this sad state is that designers are polished at their designing skills, but lack the astute management and business administration skills. In order to run a successful business, you must be apprised of the art of management.

Following are 5 quick ways that will help you boost revenues and prosperity of your design business:

1. Stable Marketing Program:

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Logo Design Tips You Can Learn From World’s Biggest Brands

Several factors contribute in building brand identity of a company. Logo design of a company is one of these factors. Millions of dollars are spent in designing and redesigning of corporate logos. Famed logos of world’s leading brands have some crucial elements that are common in their logo design.

Observing and learning from logo design of these leading brands can be a rewarding and interesting experience. Let us have a brief look at logos of some big brands and then find out what are common elements in their design.

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20 Creative Logos Depicting Movement – Sign of Growth!

To a normal spectator, a logo is merely an immovable visual image symbolizing a company. But if we speak in technical terms, the power of a logo is more than just representing an entity. It has the ability to move the customers to behave in a positive manner for the organization. To put it briefly, your logo has the power to evoke consumer action.

Keeping in line with this aspect, one of the creative ways is depicting movement within the design of logos. These types of logos are a sign of company growth and portray that the entity is energetic and raring to go. Furthermore, they convey a valuable feeling that the business is fearless to changes and multitalented.

To give you an idea of how movement and action is shown in a logo design, here are 20 creative logos that will help you learn: (more…)

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Inspiration or Intellect in Logo Design – Which is better?

Being a logo designer, I realize the various problems faced in starting a logo design project. The myriad questions that start bursting out of your mind as to how to go about your work leave you stranded. Some designers believe that ideas will only come by sifting the internet for inspiration. While on the other hand, some consider pure intellect better for idea generation.

So, regardless of which course of action is better, let us discuss the aspects arising from both these methods i.e. inspiration and pure intellect.


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20 Amazing Logos Inspired From Animals!

As a logo designer, I have always believed that inspiration can be derived out of anything in this world. We can get stimulus from our surroundings and environments. We can even carve out an idea for logo design from wild nature. A creative logo is one that explains the meaning in an interesting and analogical manner. Using animals and other wild creatures in a logo design is a creative and effective idea.Since the job of the symbol used in logo is to explain the gist of the business. Each animal of the jungle has a different set of uniqueness and traits that can be attributed to a company. As an easy example, consider the Lion. Its characteristics include bravery, courage, sovereign and dominance. This can be accredited to a company by using the lion figure within a logo design. (more…)

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16 Creative Logo Design Galleries for Designer Inspiration

Inspiration for logo designing can come from anywhere. You just need the observational powers and curiosity to get stimulated by your surroundings. As a logo designer, I constantly yearn for any resources to get motivation for logo design ideas. At the moment, several online sites have been launched that showcase logo designs for encouraging and motivational purposes. These logo design galleries embrace over thousands of creative logos that will teach you a new approach to logo designing. However, we must never confuse inspiration with plagiarism which is a serious offense.

Even if you are not a designer you will undoubtedly love to browse through these fascinating logo design galleries. Over the years, I have been browsing the following 16 galleries whenever I’m in need of a creative spark. I recommend you visit these sites and be amazed and inspired.

1. Logo Moose

logo (more…)

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