4 Wicked Types of Client to Avoid – Beware Logo Designers!

For a logo designer, client is everything for their logo design business. This is because the clients are the ones who provide you with the revenues and profits. This is why it is significant to understand clients for your design business. However don’t be exceedingly reliant on clients otherwise you will be trampled.

There are certain clients that are so wicked that they turn out to be a nuisance for logo designers. Clients who coerce designers to perform out of the boundaries are not goof for designers. And no logo design project can work productively without a mutual understanding between clients and designers.

avoid the difficulties

For that reason, following are 4 types of clients that you must avoid in order to skirt any trouble:

The Smart-Alec Clients:

You will come across some clients that have a tendency of being smart alecs. They will try to impose their views on the subject of logo design even when they are not well versed with it. The problem that arises here is that these over-smart clients demoralize the logo designers. Despite the fact that giving suggestions is the privilege of clients, being exceedingly imposing can hamper a design project. Consequently, it is healthier to avoid such clients that are a misuse of your time and energy.

The Disinterested Clients:

Then there is one more type of clients who are totally disinterested in the entire working of the logo design project. This is entirely quite the opposite of the preceding client type. These clients are least bothered as to what is happening in the project and will not be available to give their feedback and opinions. The only thing they would be concerned is their logo design on the day of submission. In the end, the final logo is created without the consent of the client and then there are numerous revisions taking place.

The Pushy Clients:

Some clients are such that they will demand their logo to be made within a day. They tend to get so pushy that it starts to annoy the logo designer. Little do they know that design concepts are not created overnight? Logo designers must pass up these kinds of clients so as to not tarnish their reputation.

The Miser Clients:

Finally, who can cope up with a miser client? These clients are so penny-pinching that they make Scrooge blush. These people always look to strike up cheap deals and bargains with logo designers. Albeit you will have a defined fee, they will do additional negotiations. The best you can do is to avoid interacting with these kinds of clients who are cheapskates, so that it does not undervalue your work.

Nora Reed

Nora Reed runs Logoblog.org where she writes about trends on logo designs, tips for logo designers, famous logos and showcases inspiring logo design collection.

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5 Responses

  1. I’m a writer and I certainly have experienced a pushy client. It’s probably okay to be pushy but too much of it, nah! It was not a good experience.

  2. Johnny says:

    i thought maybe the best approach to deal with all of the above is to have an agent. so that your only work is design not negotiation.

  3. anon says:

    Please correct your misuse of the word “disinterested.” A disinterested person would be a neutral third party who could give an objective opinion.

    Uninterested is the correct word here.
    As communication professionals, we should hold ourselves to a higher standard, and make sure we are communicating correctly.

  4. Great Article for the Logo designer, it would also useful for me being a Graphic Designer :) thanks

  5. Chris says:

    I recently did a website and logo for a Miser client. He kept emphasizing the need for my prices to be cheap and after I cut him a deal he tried to get more for less. When he kept asking for revisions I told him I’d need to charge more to which he replied with offering me free hair cuts from his wife who cuts hair. Needless to say I turned down his offer and his project was never really completed.

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