5 Repeated Mistakes Every Designer Must Avoid!

No matter how hard you try to be a perfectionist, you are bound to make mistakes. This is because human beings are flawed by nature and they can make blunders. The same is the case with graphic designers. But we shouldn’t regret from our errors. On the contrary, we should take lessons from our mistakes. You motto in life should be to Try until you don’t succeed

To try and fail is better than not trying at all. Instead of fearing of failure, graphic designers should be reactive to their errors in the future. The main problem is that many designers are unaware of the repeated mistakes they commit. Hence if these problems are identified, then you can surely learn to avoid them in the future.


Being a designer myself for several years, I wish to educate other young and aspiring designers to avoid mistakes. Here are 5 of the most repeated mistakes that every designer must avoid:

1. Starting With No Details:

Starting a graphic design project without a proper design brief is the biggest mistake that some designers commit. This is because details are everything when it comes to creating a design for a client. It gives you the exact idea of how you need to shape your design process. For that, you need to gather all the relevant information from your clientele. Or else, the end result would be an unsatisfied client.

2. Not Understanding The Target:

Graphic designers must never deviate from their core purpose of designing…to make an impact on the target audience. If your design fails to express the company message appropriately, then it shows that your design is flawed. For this reason, the principle of K.Y.C (Know Your Customer) is imperative. For the purpose of creating the right design, you must totally understand the target audience for which you are intending the design for.

3. Working Paperless:

I know how the new generation is relying more or computers then on paperwork. Many graphic designers wish to keep their work paperless. But being in a professional life, you simply cannot work on verbal agreements with your client. You must maintain paperwork, especially a contract to make your position strong in the future for any unwarranted troubles.

4. Cheating:

To be unique should be your dogma as a graphic designer. Copying others work in order to save time and energy is a bad habit and dents your career prospects in the long term. You wouldn’t want to be notoriously remembered as a designer who cheated. You must clearly understand the distinction between inspiration and plagiarism. Try to use your own creative skills rather than getting ‘inspiration’ from elsewhere.

5. Creating A Mix Plate:

This is a common misconception in the world of design that more effects create better designs. But in the real world, this does not apply. Excess of anything is always bad in every field of work. Likewise, when you insert unwarranted elements into your design work, it creates a convoluted and untidy look. You must remember that the best designs in the world are all based on simplicity and ingenuity.

Even if you still make mistakes, never lose faith in yourself because one day you will learn to avoid them. And remember…“Mistakes are just a start to creating something new”.

Nora Reed

Nora Reed runs Logoblog.org where she writes about trends on logo designs, tips for logo designers, famous logos and showcases inspiring logo design collection.

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