The Art of Communication Through Web Design

Web design and communication have an umbilical relationship. But many of us often fail to understand the importance of web design communication in front of compelling visuals in the heat of the moment. Getting your site optimized for search engines and social media, buying online media and doing every other thing to promote your site  – this post is not about all that, but is designed to be your guide as you go on building a great, communicative web design.

What’s your purpose?

When it comes to web design and communication, the first thing that comes to mind is the purpose of your business, which you should directly display on your home page. The design of many sites is made in a manner that speaks what exactly their purpose is, like that of (Don’t click on that start button, you won’t be able to play Google’s Hurdle 2012 game here, though you can always click on that hyperlink. ;) )

Google hurdle (more…)

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