15 Website Building Tips For Web Designing Cubs!

Getting started with your professional career of web designing? What you need the most? Become part of a web design agency. It would be of great help to learn not just the basics, but to become a true professional as well. Other than working with the agency, you also need to be equipped with the best tips to utilize in the designing process. There are many that you might not know or don’t learn from your experts. Consider this piece of writing as a guide to your professional growth as a web designer, so think beyond relying on just the templates, but tailored designs.

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Consider The Website Speed

For any website, speed is the main factor to be considered from users’ perspective. If the site visitors have to wait for longer to get the web pages displayed, expect them to switch to some other alternative.

Minimize Retyping For Users

Consider it as a repelling point if the users have to enter their details again and again. The user’s private information, once entered, should be kept safe for some future use.

Suitable For Multiple Browsers

A website should work well for almost all browsers. All the pages of a website should appear the same in all the browsers being used by the users. Testing for cross browser compatibility is an essential task to do by a web designer.

Avoid Paid Software

Web designers can get help from many software available online. Many of these software are free, but there are paid options available as well. Better to use the free software instead of relying over the paid ones.

Allow Action Cancellation

Allow the site visitors to cancel any action they have taken. It means you are giving the visitors to have a control over certain options. Whether it’s about subscribing for a newsletter or signing up for any other purpose, allow the visitors to cancel the action if they want so.

Keep The File Size Same

All the files should have the same file size. Smaller the files are speedier would be the site loading at the screens of the users.

Pay Attention To The Website Background

Whatever background you choose for your website, it shouldn’t be distracting for the site visitors. It should be perfectly matched with the main website design. If not given proper care, background can make it tough for readers to read the text of a web page.

Make Use Of Website Building Tool

Many web hosting companies provide this facility to their clients. They offer a tool for website building. However, that tool should be used just to create the basic layout, you should do coding yourself. Start building with few pages to know about your strengths and weaknesses. Once you feel comfortable, go for building the full website.

Don’t Ask For Personal Information Again And Again

Make it sure that the site visitors won’t have to enter their personal information again and again each time they visit the site. It will give the impression that you have saved the precious time of the visitors.

Consult Resources

Don’t be lazy in spending time over reading books or browsing online resources related to web designing. It will help you to stay up to date with the latest technologies evolved and the prevailing designing trends.

Incorporate A Search Box

It would be a great facility for the site visitor if they want to search for any specific information at your website. Google and Freefind offer help in that regard.

Avoid Pop-Ups

With pop-ups, you can earn revenue, but these are quite distracting for the site visitors. They won’t take a single second to switch to some other website and for sure will never return.

Visible Tagline

On every web page, there should be visible tagline to let the site visitors realize what benefit they could get. That tagline should be more like some compelling reason for the visitors to be there on the website.

Check For Browsers

Before making a website live, better to check for suitability with multiple browsers. As visitors might be using different browsers, so a website should run smoothly on all browsers.

Captcha For User Security

Captcha are great for user registration pages only, for other pages, these aren’t used. It’s more like facilitating the site visitors to access the information present over the site.

By following these tips, you can start building your website. The only thing needed is to rely on your efforts and keep on learning. Website building is no more a hectic task.

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Emma Jones writes this post for designing newbie. She is part of Vania Technologies, a glowing web design agency Edinburgh city. She also loves to travel and cook, so arranges parties at her home. You can follow her on twitter @vaniatech


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