Is Responsive Web Design Good Enough For Mobile Devices?

If you are looking to develop a website that sees traffic from both computer and mobile device based users you will at some point have to make the decision between responsive web design and a separate mobile website.

Though responsive design is often a great way to ensure that mobile device users are able to access your site with ease, the approach does have some drawbacks. This means that when deciding between the two approaches, you have to ask yourself whether responsive design is the best option and whether it accommodates mobile use as well as you require it to.

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Why Responsive Web Design Matters For Your Website?

The recent proliferation of smartphones and tablets has changed the paradigms of design and user experience for good. Before the ongoing mobile explosion began, web designers mainly had to deal with one major challenge – compatibility with multiple browsers. However, navigating websites on smartphones and tablets is an altogether different ball game. Designers needs to account for several factors including screen size, resolution and specifics such as support for mobile flash while designing websites based on the principle of responsive web design.

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When you sit in front of your monitor stretching your hands towards the keyboard you already know the steps you are going to make to start sometimes enjoyable and sometimes painful development process. You draw, you code, you go through manuals – you just do it. But do you always realize that sometimes you can omit some steps? Resistance to change is a well known factor which awakes laziness to look for something what machines were built for – do our job.

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Websites Using Circles, Ribbons or Both

It has been a while since circles and ribbons became top web design trends, and they seem to continue to grow in popularity. There are so many great web pages with circles and ribbons now that we can’t help from showing the most awesome of them.

Below you will find 32 websites on different topics: 15 of them are using circles, 10 of them come with ribbons, and the last 7 websites on the list are using both, circles and ribbons. As you can see, most web designers prefer circles and every time it is a unique design that’s definitely worth seeing.

Let’s think why circles and ribbons are so widely used now as site logos, menu buttons or frames for texts or images. That’s because they attract users’ attention and emphasize certain areas of the website. As for ribbons, they give a design that little something to make it and eye-catching and again, draw attention to something very important.

We hope you will enjoy beautiful and creative examples of circle and ribbon style website designs and if you know other similar websites, feel free to share them in comments.

Websites Using Circles

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How to Effectively Design a News Website?

When designing a news website for a client, just about every Web designer wants to trim the amount of information on the main page to keep the information clear and focused. Unfortunately, there are often so many things that can happen in a single day that they need to handle an immense amount of incoming news. News websites are perhaps more crowded than any other websites. But how web designers of Fox News, MSNBC and CNN can professionally handle so much information without making visitors feel overwhelmed?

Working with headers

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Six Signs of a Good Web Design

Why some of the website looks so attention-grabbing and others look dull? What’s the difference between an effective website and a looser one? Well, don’t think much, as anticipated, only one answer is there – web design. Web design of your site is the key component that decides the success and failure of your website. In this article, I’ve discussed six signs of a good web design:

Eye-Pleasing Design

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Importance of simple web designs for business websites

 Business websites are basically e-commerce websites dealing with the online business deals among a number of clients. The basic underlying rule of these sites is that they can be very dramatic in look and feel but provide minimal features or can be really simple on the outlook but beautifully well designed in terms of functionality. A functionally sound website is preferred more over a traditional heavy site. Thus these business websites are better off visible simple than functionally complex.

Why simpler web designs



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What the Future of Cloud Computing means for Web Designers

With all this talk of “the cloud” and how that technology is and will shape the web as we know it, it’s ignorant to assume that this emerging technology will not affect how the web is developed. Web designers are embracing new technology every day. Why? Because web design and development in the cloud makes life easier in lots of ways. This includes everything from file management to image editing to major website updates. New content management systems (CMS) are being built around this idea that the cloud is changing how we interact with the web. Let’s take a quick look at the cloud and how it impacts web designers today.

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10 Usability Guidelines for a Remarkable Website

When your SEO strategy pays off, you’ll have plenty of traffic at your website, but the next challenge is to help your visitors find the information they need. A website that neglects usability guidelines will fail to capture the attention of readers and result in minimal return for each website visit—whether that’s building a mailing list, blog subscribers, or product sales.

There are many important usability elements to keep in mind, but here are 10 guidelines for creating a remarkable website that stands out from the crowd:

Design Quality Makes or Breaks Your Website

design quality

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How to Win Online Success with Design and Marketing Strategy?

Among a host of other requisites, running a successful online business needs outstanding web design backed by an intelligently crafted online marketing strategy. In fact, that is why website designing and online marketing are two of the most rewarding fields today.

This article is focused on providing some useful information on undertaking a meaningful web design approach and result oriented SEO strategy to improve your business prospects in this highly competitive virtual world.

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Tips for Building a well designed E-commerce Website

The purpose of an online store or shopping site, or what is actually an e-commerce website, is to have an online presence to attract visitors and achieve conversion to realise sale/revenue. Unfortunately with the proliferation of a lot of similar ecommerce software websites anyone’s task of setting up the online store has become more competitive as days add up. You should be able to deliver the goods better than others by providing a better user experience, if you wish to grow and profit.

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Your Company’s Next Battle: Web Designer vs. Graphic Designer

Every company needs to the help of a designer, but deciding what kind of designer is sometimes confusing. Companies often take a guess when it comes to hiring a designer, but as it turns out there is a difference between someone who works with websites and someone who works with graphics. If you want to make sure that you hire the right person for the job, it’s important you know exactly what you need done so you can evaluate which position is really qualified.

And in Corner One We Have: Graphic Design

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Responsive Web Design – Does Your Site Still Look Good?

Responsive web design is quite simply the coding of a website in order that it presents itself in a different format, layout or scale depending on the available browser window on the device it is being viewed on. For example having sidebars vanish and reappear below the content, menus become easier to ‘click’ with a big finger on a small mobile screen and even images and fonts might adjust to fit the new screen size.

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YouTube Gets Much-Needed Redesign

Let’s be honest, YouTube’s homepage design is a little dated and hasn’t changed much over the past few years. Thankfully, Google, the owners of YouTube, wised up to this fact and have created a brand new redesign for the popular video website.

As with all of Google’s products, YouTube’s facelift makes it look very current and similar to Google+, Gmail, etc. The black bar that runs atop most Google product pages isn’t present, although. However, this is consistent with Google’s plans to remove this bar anyway. A light gray background has also been added across all of YouTube for a consistent look.

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