Ten ways to take appealing car photos

When taking photos of your car to post online, making them appealing really helps in the sale. Here are ten techniques to take appealing shots of your ride.


Keep Them Pretty

People want to see what your car looks like at its best. In coin collecting, you take a “worst lighting” photo to let collectors know what they’re getting into. With your car, go the opposite direction.

Be Clear

It’s important to take a bunch of clear shots. Shots of your car from simple angles, in flattering, but simple outdoor lighting so that people can see what it looks like.

Be Dramatic

Of course, that’s not to say you can’t include a few glamor shots. Go ahead and take some shots with a wide angle lens or from the ground looking up and get people excited about buying your car.

Take Some Motion Shots

See if you can get a friend to take a picture of the car in action, either from the side of the road or from another car. This way you can have some really nice, dramatic shots to post online.

Inside and Out

It’s important to photograph every square inch of the car including the interior and the engine. Take photos on a sunny day so that the engine is well lit when you photograph it.

Wash and Wax

Before taking photos, you definitely want to get the car washed and waxed. An exception would be selling a truck that you go mudding with or a four wheeler, where a little mud right after can be fun.

Post-Repair Photos

If you plan on replacing a tire or a cracked window before selling the car, then for the love of Mike, take your photos after you’ve made the repairs, not before. In fact, as a general rule…

Don’t Ask the Viewer to Use Their Imagination

Give them photos of the car that they’re going to be buying. Don’t show them photos from when you bought it or photos of the car with a flat and say “We’re swapping that out soon.” Give them photos of the car that they will be buying.

Day and Night

It’s a good idea to catch most of your photos during the daytime when you have a lot of light, but grab some night shots for a little added kick.

The Driver’s Seat

Taking some shots from the driver’s seat can’t hurt. It really puts them in the mind frame to picture themselves in the car.

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