Why Your Small Business Needs a Twitter Account

Since 2012, Twitter has continued to develop as a social media platform frequented by many. It’s a quick and easy method to send short messages to virtually anyone that exists on the system. From actors to politicians, a very large portion of the world is at your fingertips. For the small business, this could mean increasing sales leads and building a reputation.


A Vast Audience

In April of 2015, there were approximately 302 million active users on Twitter. With roughly one billion registered users, it is an incredibly large collection of people around the globe. Even if your small business doesn’t cater to world wide purchases, there still may be a large number of people in your location that frequent the social media site on a daily basis. From desktop users to those sending messages from smartphones, it’s a free social platform that can help you create awareness of your brand online while keeping local customers updated with information.

Easy to Share Links and Business Info

When you join the right conversations in Twitter using hashtags, you can easily spread information about your business and links that directly affect your organization. This could include blog posts, eCommerce products or even your Facebook business page. People such as Clarence Gooden tweets various links to interesting stories almost daily. The system has potential to reach thousands of people with a single message. As long as you can fit interesting content within 140 characters, there is virtually no limit to how many people can see the material.

Helps Build a Reputation

In today’s world, it’s important to put effort into building an online reputation for your small business. As more people take to search engines to find local businesses, you need to have has much involved online as you can. Once you begin collecting followers, the potential for reaching a wider audience through retweets and favorites grows. Those that follow your Twitter profile can be passing on your posts to other people that follow their accounts. This is how viral information is passed as each person has potential to reach even more with a single retweet.

Shows Relevance

Using a current trend of technology denotes that your company is relevant in today’s world. Many people will judge the legitimacy of an organization based purely on how active it is in social media or if a website exists with contact information. It also demonstrates to the general populace that your organization is interested in integrating with the online community. It provides more of a personal touch that makes it seem that anyone can communicate with the business.

Free Advertising

One of the most important aspects to consider is the fact that using Twitter is free. Although you can pay for promotional ads on the system, sending messages and advertising your business will only costs you the time to put into making a short comment. It can be an easily affordable method that gives your company a voice when addressing issues of society.

Twitter can be an invaluable tool if used correctly and responsibly. Many business owners have made inappropriate comments that have damaged customer relations. Always pay close attention to the comments you make and you could relish in attracting more business. Twitter is a service that has demonstrated growth since its development. It may be time for you to integrate the business into this widely used service.


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