Two must-do things even before you create a WordPress blog

Everyone knows that WordPress is great. In fact, it’s the most widely used blogging platform. There are many reasons why WordPress is ideal for bloggers, but I am not going into those aspects in this post.  Here I am going to talk about two very important aspects which can either catapult your blog into big league or simply send it to the internet recycle bin. I am talking about your web address and blog host.

The name is everything

Choosing the right name is critical –even before your launch your WordPress blog. I cannot emphasize the importance of this specific aspect for SEO more.  Let me give you an example. Let’s choose a keyword at random. I just bought the cutest little kitten and the little bundle of joy is perhaps at the top of my mind. Permit me to choose ‘animal’ as my keyword. Now let me do a Google search for the keyword ‘animal’. This is what I got as my search result.

google search

You would immediately notice that the first few results invariably have the word animal in their website address or name. Now permit me to reach certain conclusions.

  1. Your website address is the biggest part of your SEO effort.
  2. In any case your web address must carry the primary keyword – in this case ‘animal’.
  3. Putting the keyword in your web address is simple – certainly not rocket science.

Choose your host carefully

This is the second aspect which you must consider before launching your WordPress blog. Normally the process of selecting a host is quite simple – we do a Google search for the cheapest host and we plonk ourselves out there at the mercy of some Daddy or big brother. I am not suggesting that these hosts are bad or such. The only point I want to make here is that you must select a host by considering several factors other than price alone.

How many other websites and blogs are hosted on your server?

Usually, servers have more than 500 websites residing on it. I would not say that this is ideal – in fact I would   like to have only one blog on my server (mine). But this is not possible unless I shell out big money from my pocket. The alternative is to find a midway solution. I would avoid a host where there are more than 500 websites on the same server. Let me tell you that many servers are overloaded with a thousand websites and more. There are many ways to find out  the load on your server. I am not going into this aspect here.


It’s obvious that choosing name of your blog and the host are two aspects which require your attention, even before you launch your WordPress blog. You would notice that these are not things which WordPress has nothing to do with, nor can it offer any assistance in this direction.

Sarah lamb is an avid blogger and likes to dwell on the nuances of writing for blogs. In addition to writing she   is presently promoting Time Warner Cable Internet  for blazing fast internet browsing.


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