Is WordPress platform suitable for everyone?

Though WordPress is extremely popular among bloggers, there is a nagging doubt in many of our minds whether it’s suitable for everyone. Many first time bloggers wonder whether it would be too difficult to use. On the other hand there are bloggers who wonder whether it’s   robust enough? Can WordPress execute programs and functions which you may require later to expand your blog capability?

WordPress is a blogging platform with extensive capabilities


The beauty about WordPress is that it can be used by a novice who knows nothing about blogging and by pros who want to create a humungous website. To begin with, WordPress is easy to install and comes with a couple of free themes. These themes are good enough for beginners. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. In fact, you can call it child’s play.

For professional bloggers who want extensive capabilities, WordPress can be stretched to any level by using appropriate themes. There are WordPress themes which provide extensive enterprise capabilities. Many themes are tailor made for ecommerce sites with shopping carts.

WordPress is an open source program

This is where the real power of WordPress comes in. Those who are not happy with ready to use themes can always create their own or extend the capabilities of existing themes. You can also use WordPress in conjunction with other tools and utilities. As such there is no limit to which you can expand WordPress to suit your requirements. Many enterprises are using WordPress as an ERP system. The power of WordPress is therefore limitless.

Using plugins to enhance WordPress

wordpress plugins

Very recently I wanted to make my blog SEO friendly. Had I used any other platform, I would have had to do some serious work and spent a bag load of money doing this. With WordPress I sailed through with a suitable plugin and the best part is that I did not have to spend a penny.    There are hundreds of free plugins using which you can do almost anything in this world. You can even make your own plugins if you are ambitious enough.

I recently used a free spam filtering plugin and let me tell you, it was awesome. In a jiffy I got rid of the zillion spams which had attacked my poor blog. There are some paid plugins like ‘akismet’ which are worth a look.

Your blog is your website

This is the best part about WordPress. You can create a website using this platform. A major advantage is that you can have a blog along with your website. Creating a blog for a website can be really tough job and I am sure web masters would vouch for it.


WordPress is a versatile blogging platform which is suitable for everyone – beginner to a pro. Its open source which means you can use the native code and build on it. There are hundreds of free and paid themes which can be used to match your mood and requirement. Plugins – readymade and tailor made – extend the capability of WordPress. What more can you ask for?

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