Six fantastic all-time WordPress Plugins

As you know, WordPress plugins allow easy modification, customization, and enhancement to a WordPress blog.

Being a WordPress user; one of the most popular blogging platforms, you must be using various plugins to modify, customize and enhance your blog.

Tired of thinking and analyzing? Let me help you with this!!Let us share some knowledge about a few effective WordPress plugins, so that, our selection becomes easier and we can choose the best.

wordpress plugins

Here are a few of them, which, I consider to be good based on my experience:

1. Google XML Sitemap

I personally consider this plugin as the best one. The reason being that it generates a unique XML sitemap which will allow the most popular search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo and to index your blog in a more appropriate and satisfactory way. How? Actually, this kind of sitemap enables the crawlers to view your site head to toe, in and around, and retrieve it more effectively. Moreover, what else do you want when the plugin you use supports all the WordPress pages and URLs? Not just this, it also will update the popular search engines about your post for the new content. This plugin is really awesome.

2. Akismet

Do you get goaded in the process of moderating comments to weed out the ones posted by guileful spammers? Akismet releases you from this burden by filtering unknown comment spammers that are registered on your blacklist database. So, you can relax on that part and concentrate more on creating websites and publishing contents.

3. All in One SEO Pack

Whether it’s you, me or any third person in this field, we all are aiming for high rank in search engines. Right? What all do we need for this? We need to add unique Meta description, keywords, and titles to each page of our blog and blog posts. All-in-One-SEO is here at your service with all you want!! It bestows us with all such necessary requirements. Install it and turn your chances of ranking high in search engines into possibilities.

4. Contact form 7

For any blog user Contact page becomes essential, as, users use contact form to contact the author for any kind of help they require.

Myself, I have tried many contact forms before this one, but this seemed to me the easiest and helpful for a professional blogger. The plugin also helps in spam prevention and has features like Human verification with CAPTCHA, Multiple contact form, file upload and accept term.

5. WP super cache

Are you not satisfied with the speed of your WordPress posts? Then, I am sure you haven’t yet started using WP super cache. Wake up!! You are missing something valuable!!You can speed up your WordPress posts and pages, once, you start using it. WP super cache enhances the speed of your posts by creating static HTML versions of them; updating them at an interval of your choice. Once this is done, your web server will serve that file instead of processing the heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.

6. WPtouch iPhone Theme

Now this is a must for 2010. The reason being, that, with this plugin you can instantaneously and effortlessly transform your website into a mobile paradise. You have always wished that your blog should be popular all over. Isn’t it? For this, it becomes necessary that not just web users, but also mobile users, go through your blog. Whenever a mobile user accesses your blog, a pleasant looking lighter version designed especially for mobile devices is available for them.  Your readers will really get pleased if you make use of WPtouch iPhone Theme for your blogging experience.

I have personally used all these plugins and feel that they satisfy most of our WordPress needs. Blogging has become passion for me once I started using them. They make it so easy and interesting!!Also, there are other useful plugins like WP-PageNavi, WordPress Database back up, simple tags, subscribe to comments etc which are also considered useful.

Try these suggested plugins if you haven’t and share your views about them with us.

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4 Responses

  1. What a great set of plug-ins. Many thanks for sharing.

  2. Very useful, thank you for your help!

  3. Asif says:

    very helpful, i have following on my website ” ” ones Google XML Sitemap
    Akismet and All in One SEO Pack, now i will remaining ones WP super cache

  4. Jason says:

    Great plugins, however I would personally replace WP Super Cache with the W3 Total cache plugin.

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