Viral Content Can Help to Attract Members to Your WordPress Membership Site

It is a basic rule of thumb, that if you want to attract members to your WordPress membership site, the best magnet is free content. No matter what your niche and type of membership site are, you can’t do without free content, and even better – free content that goes viral.


Free Content Helps to Attract Subscribers

A successful WordPress membership site needs a lot of free content. What is more, you need free content of really good quality because only then you will rank well in search engines and be popular on the Internet in general, which in turn helps people to notice you and brings them to your site where they (hopefully) turn into paid subscribers.

You can consider your free content as your ambassador – you can’t afford to have a poorly-looking and incompetent ambassador, can you? This is why you need to make any effort to produce free content and distribute it to places where it stands a better chance to be noticed. One of the best ways to make your free content popular online is to turn it into viral content.

How to Make Your Free Content Viral

When your free content gets viral, you do have a reason to celebrate. With viral content you get people to link to it and distribute it for free. They are doing this because they like the content and are glad to recommend it to their friends. Of course, not every piece of content you make has a viral potential and even if your content is really outstanding, still there is no guarantee it will become viral but if you want to increase the chance, here are some tips how to make your free content viral:

  • Make it really interesting and useful. The first prerequisite for your content to become viral is that it needs to be interesting and useful. When an article, a video, or an image provides great value to the readers/viewers, it is more likely that they will share it with other people. Unfortunately, even if your content is really interesting and useful, you still can’t be sure it will get viral but life is like this.
  • Submit it to social sites. Social sites are one of the places where there is a chance for your great content to be noticed. If you are lucky to get noticed by power users (i.e. users that have huge networks of friends), this seriously increases to chance for your content to get viral and be distributed all over the Web.
  • Tell your friends about it. Don’t forget about your own friends and acquaintances. If the content is really valuable, send them links and ask them to share it with their friends and acquaintances.

These three steps don’t guarantee your content will become viral but if you don’t follow them, it is certain that it won’t go viral. It is true that some of the most popular viral content on the Net is of far from top quality and that many really good pieces don’t get the popularity they deserve but this mustn’t discourage you. Try as hard as you can to make your content viral and if you are lucky, you might achieve a real viral storm to your site. If you do, the results are very rewarding, so definitely it is worth the effort.

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