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RSS is one of those technologies that are extremely simple .There are a number of plugins that allow you to display an RSS feed on your WordPress blog here all available wordpress plugins for rss


Import and display Feeds in your blog, use PHP or the Shortcode.


Allows you to integrate Flickr photos into your site. It supports user, set, favorite, group and community photostreams.

Tracked RSS

A Simple plugin that adds Google Analytics tracking to your RSS feed. Google Analytics Campaign variable is set to post title. Works well with Tracked


Include external RSS-Feed into your posts and pages and now to sidebar.

RSS Atom Avatar

Add an image and favicon to your RSS and Atom feeds!

RSS Thumbs

Pulls thumbnails from up to two different feeds and displays them along with the title of the post. Both are linked to the original post.


Display Scrnshots.com captures on your sites.

MagpieRSS Simplified

MagpieRSS is already integrated with WordPress, this plugin will allow you to implement it easily within your theme.

Add Twitter RSS

Adds a link to your Twitter feed in the header of your WordPress Blog.


Adds all static pages to your WordPress Blog RSS feed.

RSS Stream

RSS Stream displays your social feeds in a lifestream way.

Simply RSS Fetcher

Simple plugin to fetch a desired RSS and put it wherever you want in your blog.


RSSdoodle allows you to have automatic mashup of blog post feeds from across the web.

RSS Link Tagger for Google Analytics

Modifies RSS permalinks to include utm query parameters, used by Google Analytics to track non-adwords advertising campaigns.

BBU’s RSS Feed Campaign Tagger

Marketers should know their numbers, but most bloggers and publishers are shooting in the dark when asked for conversions, i.e. sales or other goals,

Private RSS

You could ask money for the private RSS feed.


Adds MediaRSS to your RSS2 feeds. The first image in a post will be the post’s thumbnail on services that support it (e.g. FriendFeed)

MagpieRSS Hotfix

Adds support for RSS enclosures and fixes some character encoding problems.

Disable RSS

Disables all RSS feeds.


Gives you the possibility to exclude certain parts of your posts automatically from the RSS feed.

Netflix RSS Feeder

This plugin displays RSS Feed from your Netflix account.

WP RSS Images

Include images in your wordpress RSS.

Advanced RSS

Create advanced, fully customizable RSS feed widgets. You can use this to replace the built in RSS widget or along side it.

RSS Mixer

Display your RSS Mixer mix on your blog

RSS FEED anywhere

This tool allows you to stream your RSS-FEED from anywhere! :)


Create advanced, fully customizable RSS feed widgets. You can use this to replace the built in RSS widget or along side it. It is substantially more p

RSS Post Editor

This plugin allows you to add content RSS feed articles so that users have to subscribe to your feeds to view such content.

RSS Includes Pages

Modifies RSS feeds so that they include pages and not just posts.


Allows you to remove specific content of your posts from RSS feeds and replace it with any customizable message.


Allows you to integrate Youthphotos photos into your own site. It supports user-, pools- and recent-pictures.

AideRSS WordPress Plugin

Show the top posts for your WordPress blog base on AideRSS

RSS Pages For WordPress

Replace the normal posts rss feeds with the rss feeds of pages.

RSS Image Widget

This plugin provides you with a widget to display images from a feed. It requires the SimplePie plugin to be installed.


Adjusts your links in RSS to use absolute links so that they work correctly in all feed readers (and validate).

RSS Base

Make relative URLs absolute, in order to fix RSS feeds.

From RSS

Adds a tag to your permalinks from RSS, and 301 redirects them to the correct URL while dropping a cookie, giving you the opportunity to treat your RS


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