Your Google SERP Rankings In 2019: Expert SEO Tips and Advice

Google is on a mission to make sure their users have the best online searching experience possible. This means that they are constantly changing and tweaking their ranking algorithms and results pages. Consequently, those who want to ensure their SEO marketing strategies remain effective, need to keep up to date with the latest developments in the search engine industry.

While insiders are the only people who know for sure what changes Google will be making to their algorithms in 2019, SEO experts’ predictions nearly always come true. Here are some expert SEO tips and advice for improving your website’s SERP rankings:

  1. Start optimising for voice search.

The popularity of voice search is only going to increase in the coming months due to the success of devices such as the Amazon Echo. This means you need to start optimising your website for voice search queries by focusing on more long tail, conversational and question-based keywords. This is because searchers tend to use more natural language when querying Google with their voice as opposed to their keyboards.

  1. Invest in site secure.

Data security is now a big concern for all internet users. Consequently, Google now basically requires that all websites it gives top positions to on SERPs use the HTTPS SSL protocol. In fact, if a searcher is using the Chrome browser and your website does not use HTTPS, visitors will be presented with a warning message about visiting a site via an unencrypted connection which could affect your website’s bounce rate. Bounce rate is a key SEO ranking factor. All the best expert SEO tips and advice says that Google is only going to up the security demands it puts on websites featured in its results. So, now would be a good time to get ahead of the game and invest in your site’s security.

  1. Use local SEO to its full advantage.

Many businesses don’t seem to realise how lucrative it can be to rank in local search results. Geo-targeted search results are likely to become important, so you need to make sure local SEO is part of your 2019 internet marketing plan.

  1. Switch to a top-rated web host.

Site speed is sure to continue to be one of the most important SEO ranking factors. This means you need to make sure you are using a fast web hosting provider to serve your website. Furthermore, you might need to look at any design features on your website that could be compromising page loading times.

  1. Learn about searcher intent.

Google is using machine learning AI to try to learn searcher intent as quickly as possible. Almost all keywords can have multiple intents and optimising for keyword intent is said to become more important for business websites in the future. This means websites that currently rank in the top position for a certain keyword might not do so if Google determines that a searcher’s had a different intent. It looks like universal search results could become a thing of the past, which is going to make many SEO strategies less effective.


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