Brochures are effective tools in promoting your business to your potential clients. They are conventional but they are easy to keep and can be a point of reference in the future.

If you want to get noticed, be catchy. If you want a call of action, be clear and direct. These are the simple things to keep in mind when designing a brochure. Remember, your message should always be clearly stated in your designs. A balance of text and illustrations can make a mark on your next potential client and make that. Here are 20 examples of brochure designs that can inspire your design.

Anchure Brochure

brochure (22)

Rhythm Kitchen Brochure

brochure (21)

Simplicity Works

brochure (20)

Rebrand Brochure

brochure (19)


brochure (18)


brochure (17)

North Star Fund

brochure (16)



H.C. Westermann

brochure (15)

Pershing Calendar

brochure (14)

Walsh and Jenkins

brochure (13)

Energo-Holding brochure

brochure (12)


Bloomberg Art Installations

brochure (10)

Real Estate Solutions

brochure (9)

Heavenly Creatures

brochure (8)

Fabriquem Emocions

brochure (7)

brochure (6)

Brochure Aristoteles

brochure (5)

Catalin Botezatu

brochure (4)

Contemporary Slovenian Writers

brochure (3)

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