Comparison between CakePHP & CodeIgniter

CakePHP and CodeIgniter! We have seen them being compared with each other so many times. But, this time it’s just what comes out from a recent analysis and a series of rational opinions. Let’s...

NEUE wordpress theme

12 Best Minimalist WordPress Themes

Today WordPress is easily the most popular platform for hosting a wide variety of blogs and websites. All this probably thanks to its immense flexibility, intuitive nature and the amount of available plugins that...

web design trends 2015

7 Trends Web Designers Cant Dare To Ignore In 2015

The end of 2014 is approaching near. The rise of digital designing as a result of advanced W3C specifications, modern browsers, and Smartphone revolution, has put challenges for web designers. Code free designing platforms...


Minimalist and Responsive: The Trends clash?

Those of you who are reading this article should feel some sense of anticipation because the mere fact that you have clicked to read more on this title means you are very much interested...

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