When creating a document or working on a print design there is a often a need to utilize symbol fonts (or benefit to be had in doing so). These are useful for such things as bullet points, simple squares and much more.

Below are five of my favourite ‘Symbol Fonts’ that I find invaluable.

You can download these fonts via the links included below. I have also created a free ‘wall chart’ including these fonts (and their shortcuts) for you to use if you do download them.

Free Font Symbol Wall Chart (PDF)

free font

You can download the font symbol wall chart PDF for free on DesignCrowd.

ITC Zapf Dingbats

free font

You can buy this font from Linotype.

This would have been one of my most used fonts and I would highly recommend this font for any new Design Computer.


free font

You can download this font for free from Microsoft.

Not used as often as Zapf Dingbats and other Symbol fonts, but there are some good characters in here. Particularly the no smoking symbol and the instant speech bubbles. Considering that it is a free font why not install it!


free font

Wingdings is included for free when you install most Microsoft products, however you can also buy this font from Microsoft.

I find that I used the “hand symbols” in this font, the mouse, and Computer, phone are also used on a more regular basis.


free font

You can also buy this font from Fonts.com.

There are some good characters in here, particularly the blank signs.


free font

You can also buy this font from Fontshop.com.

I like the Family icons in this font, the PC and mouse symbols are different from the other fonts and I have found these useful. The quick circle with a number inside is also handy for when you need to mark something up quickly.


This is only a handful of Symbol fonts for everyday use. There are little thousands of symbol type fonts out there, all you need to do is look.

I have included my free symbol font guide wall chart for use (should you wish).

Download the wall chart on DesignCrowd.

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