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Popular Alternative 57 Web Browser


It is well known that Mozilla Firefox is the most successful alternative web browser. but there are a lot of other amazing

web browsers not all heard a bout them .Enjoy list and feel free to comment.

  1. Flock
    Web browser based on the open source Mozilla code integrates social networking, photo uploading, bookmarks, and other features.
  2. Maxthon
    Web browser with a highly customizable interface based on the Internet Explorer engine.
  3. Konqueror
    Unix-based Web browser, file manager, and universal viewer from KDE.
  4. Camino
    Browser for Mac OS X that uses the Gecko layout engine.
  5. Browser Archive
    Vast collection of documented and undocumented web clients.
  6. iCab
    Web browser for Macintosh.
  7. Galeon
    Gecko-based web browzer for Gnome.
  8. Crazy Browser
    Freeware web browser with the ability to open multiple sites and windows inside a single browser task.
  9. Neoplanet
    Offers diverse interface skins and customizable, sharable, content channels.
  10. SpaceTime
    Allows users to search the Web, images, and eBay auctions in a 3D environment.
  11. Backward Compatibility Viewer
    View any page as any (previous) browser. Great way to see pages without having to see frames.
  12. NetCaptor
    Tabbed browser that can also block pop-up ads, save time, enhance privacy, and allow faster navigation.
  13. KidZui
    Kid’s web browser with over 800,000 kid-friendly websites, games, and videos.
  14. Browzar
    Internet browser which allows users to search and surf the Web without leaving any visible trace on the computer they’re using.
  15. Amaya
    W3C’s testbed browser.
  16. SlimBrowser
    Multiple site browser with pop-up killer, form filler, and history cleaner features.
  17. Surf Monkey Kids Channel
    Portal designed for kids. Offers links, bulletin boards, email, chat, downloadable kid-safe browser, and more.
  18. Ghostzilla
    A camouflage web browser for total screen privacy.
  19. Browse Happy
    Site from The Web Standards Authority arguing that Microsoft Internet Explorer is unsafe, and that people should be encouraged to download an alternative browser.
  20. netomat
    Non-linear browser that dialogues with the Internet to retrieve information as unmediated and independent in form.
  21. Phaseout
    Browser that features an integrated search tool, a pop-up blocker, tabbed browsing, and a preview bar that shows thumbnails of web pages and their loading progress.
  22. Winwap Technologies
    Software for mobile Internet (WAP) browsing and MMS sending/receiving.
  23. Smart Explorer
    Offers a multi-window web browser that increases system performance while enabling users to customize tool options and filter out advertising.
  24. Free Web
    Offers a variety of free browser software applications.
  25. CubicEye
    From 2ce, a browser interface built for interaction with multiple web sites and software applications in a 3D environment.
  26. iRider
    Advanced multi-page web browser with a thumbnail navigation system and the ability to download pages in the background while you work.
  27. Buddy Browser
    Safe and secure Internet browser and instant messenger for children.
  28. My Kids Browser
    Kid-safe Internet browser protects children from pornography and Internet predators.
  29. Klondike
    WML browser for Windows.
  30. AWeb
    Non-MUI W3 browser for the Amiga line of home computers. It supports frames, tables, Netscape extensions, and plug-ins.
  31. ChiBrow
    Allows the child to safely explore the Internet.
  32. OmniWeb
    Web browser for Mac OS X. Features integrated RSS, tabbed browsing, and the ability to save sessions automatically, or as specific workspaces.
  33. Arachne
    Graphical WWW browser for DOS compatibale operating systems.
  34. CrystalPort
    Web browser that offers skin support, custom search bar, and information channels. Browser tabs allow users to browse multiple web sites at the same time.
  35. WebCopy
    Retrieves remote files using the HTTP protocol. It can recurse HTML docs. Requires ‘perl’.
  36. Chimera
    Browser for UNIX-based machines running the X window system.
  37. Tablane
    Offers a unique browser that features a split-screen format so that a number of web sites can be browsed in parallel. Ideal for widescreen laptops or auction sites.
  38. Terrapin Internet Software
    Producers of Terrapin FTP Browser and Terrapin Postbox (SMTP/POP3 interface).
  39. Viola
    An Xwindows, independent, experimental, scriptable, object-oriented, alternative, web browser developed by Pei Wei in the early 90s.
  40. Paessler Site Inspector
    Web browser that combines the two most frequently used browser engines (Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Gecko) into one program.
  41. Auction Browser
    Full-feature web browser offers extended tracking features for use with eBay or other online auctions.
  42. QtWeb Internet Browser
    QtWeb is a fast, compact, portable web browser. QtWeb is free, non-commercial and open source project based on Nokia’s Qt framework and Apple’s WebKit.
  43. BrowserSpy
    Provides detailed information about your particular browser.
  44. Xanadu XP
    Free downloadable browsing companion.
    Offering a private label browser with custom options for CD-ROM publishers.
  46. Voyager
    MUI-based W3 browser for the Amiga line of home computers. It supports frames, tables, and nearly all the Netscape extensions. Also supports plug-ins.
  47. Smart Zone Kids Web Browser
    Offers a kid safe web browser that protects children from online predators and inappropriate content.
  48. General Picture
    Resource for advanced web programming including accessibility, CSS, scripting, DOM, XML, RDF, XUL, and DASL.
  49. (Browse Easy)
    Allows users to browse multiple sites at the same time without opening many new windows, thus saving memory and reducing clutter.
  50. International Browserday
  51. Camera/Shy
    Steganographic tool that automatically scans for and delivers decrypted content straight from the web.
  52. Computer Science Services Group
    Offers CMore, a search engine that uses a multi-threaded spider and allows data to be loaded and saved anywhere on the network.
  53. Arena
    An HTML3 browser, by w3c
  54. AOL OpenRide
    Software lets people access multiple e-mail accounts from AOL and other providers, send instant messages, browse the Web, listen to music, view photos, and watch videos, all through one integrated screen.
  55. MMM
    Implemented in Caml Light using the CamlTk4 library.
  56. W3C Line Mode Browser
    Cross platform, text based Web client. Working example for W3C Reference Library. Good for automated document fetching.
  57. Charlotte (BC Systems)
    A fullscreen WWW browser from BC Systems Corporation for 3270 terminals and emulators running on IBM VM/CMS operating systems.


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