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20 Amazing Logos Inspired From Animals!

As a logo designer, I have always believed that inspiration can be derived out of anything in this world. We can get stimulus from our surroundings and environments. We can even carve out an idea for logo design from wild nature. A creative logo is one that explains the meaning in an interesting and analogical manner. Using animals and other wild creatures in a logo design is a creative and effective idea.Since the job of the symbol used in logo is to explain the gist of the business. Each animal of the jungle has a different set of uniqueness and traits that can be attributed to a company. As an easy example, consider the Lion. Its characteristics include bravery, courage, sovereign and dominance. This can be accredited to a company by using the lion figure within a logo design.

As an inspiration and example, here are 20 of the most amazingly produced logos that are inspired by animals:



logo logo

Equine Bonding Concepts

Gray Horse

logo logo



logo logo


Unique Idea

logo social networking logos

The Wolf

The Howlers

social networking logos logo


Octo bird

logo logo

Luna Noche

Lion Bird

logo logo



logo logo



logo logo



logo social networking logos

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