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Design Cocktail 5 – The Coolest Bundle For Creative Minds

The guys from outcome themselves this time! They just launched another mind blowing design bundle – Design Cocktail 5 includes an awesome collection of high-quality resources for creative professionals at an unbeatable price!...


The combination of HTML5 & CSS3: Pros and Cons

It is always good to adopt the new advancements in order to remain competitive and utilize the benefits that they bring forth. Offering similar kind of beneficial relationship to designers and developers is the...


creating watercolor illustration effect in Photoshop

Book cover design can be a lot of fun for a graphic designer. Book covers might use photographs, typogrpaphy, original illustration or a combination of these effects. In this tutorial, we’ll look at a...


Tips To Avoid Being a Bad PHP Programmer

You may be a professional in the industry of web development but have you ever judged yourself to find out whether you are a bad PHP programmer? While everyone has their own bad habits,...


6 Tips for Using Social Networks at the Office

Anyone who’s worked in an office for an extended period of time knows how hard it is to stay completely on task all day long. Sometimes giving yourself a mental break by checking social...

Win a SlideCake component – Winners Announced 8

Win a SlideCake component – Winners Announced

Contest : Leave us a Comment and subscribe to Win a “SlideCake” component, a Powerful Flash Slider. SlideCake has just launched SlideCake, a Powerful Flash Slider component made for Flash designers and webmasters....


Win over 55,000 design items – Winners Announced

Win over 55,000 design items from, In the VIP account, you can download a huge pack with over 55,000 high quality design items that will make your work easier.


About whatfontis

Are you a graphic designer, photographer, blogger, advertiser, font freak, curious by nature or just dying to find out what’s the name of that awesome font that you saw on a website? Then search...


33 Examples of Illustrated Twitter Backgrounds

After MySpace and Facebook had demonstrated their potential as social networks Twitter has exploded onto the scene. With the ability to customize your profile contents there are many graphic designers showcasing their talents through...


Current web design trends – an overview

Web design trends keep on changing with every passing year or within a period of few months. There had been significant changes last year whose impact can be seen more clearly in this year....


21 Brand-New Web & Mobile UI Wireframe Kits

Rapid prototyping is essential for mobile designers. Having the ability to manipulate a simple stencil kit at will to create a masterpiece of design work is nothing short of incredible. Below are just a...


9 Free 3D Social Icons

Today we’re excited to present you new 3D Social Icons. This set contains 9 Social icons With sizes from 64×64px to 16×16px, designed by mahmoud ameara of and released for Skyje and its...


5 Quick Tips for Using WordPress

Blogging has become a great tool for everyday people to share their information, their skills, their passions, and their lives with those connected to the internet. WordPress noted this revolution and stepped onto the...