21 Brand-New Web & Mobile UI Wireframe Kits

Rapid prototyping is essential for mobile designers. Having the ability to manipulate a simple stencil kit at will to create a masterpiece of design work is nothing short of incredible. Below are just a few examples of the newest mockups and wireframe templates to work with.

All of these templates work within the Adobe creative suite. The majority are built for Photoshop (.psd) but there are many Fireworks and Illustrator files as well.

Samsung Galaxy S

samsung galaxy

Motorola Droid 2

motorola droid 2


htc g2

Illustrator Template for iPhone

illustrator iphone design

iPhone UI Kits

iphone ui

iPad Wall Presenter

ipad wall

iPhone 4 HD .PSD

iphone 4 hd

Free iPad Template

free ipad psd

Squetch Wireframing Toolkit for Illustrator


iPhone Google Docs Wireframe

iphone google docs

iPhone 4 Retina Display

iphone retina gui

iPhone 4 GUI

iphone 4 gui

Android GUI Set

android gui

Android Widgets GUI

android widgets

Android 2.2 GUI


Blue Modern Web GUI

blue moder gui

Web Kit Interface Layout

webkit interface

Small GUI Pack

gui pack

Web Wireframe Kit

web wireframe

Keynote Wireframe Templates

keynote templates

Wireframe Stencils for Keynote

wireframe keynote stencils


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  1. We just released the first version of our 39Argyle Mobile Wireframe Kits after using them internally for nearly two years. Our kits are void of any aesthetics and geared towards design professionals who need to create wireframe deliverables for teams or clients.

    You can purchase the bundle for $50, which includes free updates and extra goodies or you can download the individual sets for free.


  2. Martin says:

    great collection. thx for sharing!

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