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What is the utility of HTML5 and CSS3 in web designing?

HTML5 and CSS3 are important for web designing as it provides broader range of options and increases the creative opportunities of designing a webpage. Web designing plays an important role in marketing your products....


Flash vs. HTML 5 – Will The New App End It?

You must have heard about the so very igniting debate on Flash and HTML5.Obviously!!We have been hearing about it from the time when apple banned Adobe Flash from the iPad. The statement-“Flash is no...


SMSEO – Reasons behind its growing popularity

With the present changes in the US economy, most company marketers have to improve their performance banking on a handful of resources. The marketing techniques have gone through a shift from traditional to digital...


A Roundup of Printable Wireframe Templates

One of the most crucial, and easily forgotten, aspects of website development is the design phase, in which the aesthetics and ergonomics of the site are laid down. Design starts with brainstorming, and brainstorming...


Why creating a Flash only website is a bad idea

In the competitive world of internet marketing, websites should be made with your best interests kept in mind so that you stay an edge over others. Committing the most common website designing mistakes will...


The difference between good SEO and bad SEO

Nowadays more and more people are using the internet to develop their business. Using the internet you can create and gradually evolve your website to let the people know about your business. However, in...


Top 3 Tips for portfolio careers and the New Economy

The “portfolio careers” are those where your creative work is part of a portfolio which is used for career progression and getting better paying jobs. It’s also a fundamental part of the New Economy,...


Some latest trends of website designing for 2011

With the New Year approaching, it’s time to leave back all the old, worn out web designs and get ready for the brave new trends of tomorrow. Only if you adopt the latest trends,...


Facebook Ups Its Security

Never mind if what we saw in David Fincher’s “The Social Network” was true or false or somewhere in the gray muddle in between—these new updates on Facebook security makes up for a lot...


Design tips for multilingual websites

When you’re designing multilingual websites for a global audience, there are a range of issues you need to be aware of. Here are the top five tips for successfully designing multilingual websites.


Naming Your Business

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet, but would anyone really want to smell a flower called a Jake’s Morning Breath? Freelancers and business owners need to consider much on the...