6 Encouraging Techniques of Becoming a Creative Designer

One of the most distinguishing of being a designer is creative flair and artistic instinct. Be it graphic, web or logo designer, they are known for their design aesthetics. In order to remain unique, they must display creativity and novelty in terms of ideas and design. Without this quality, they cannot achieve originality.

The issue with designers nowadays is that there is so much competition. Being original and unique is not easy to do. There comes a point in every designer’s career when their creative juices start to deplete. Without the creative flair, you are unable to come up with bright and distinctive ideas for your customer’s design needs. So how does one become a creative designer? Following are 6 encouraging techniques of increasing your creativity level:

1. Avoid Being Pessimistic:

One of the biggest hindrances of creativity is pessimism. Sometimes designers start thinking that there is no other solution for their design problem. This way of thinking hinders their ability to think creatively. If you lose hope in the start by being pessimistic, then you can never exhibit creativity.

2. Think Out of the Box:

If you wish to accomplish something different, you must be bold enough to take risks in trying new stuff. Many designers feel scared of thinking outside the box because they fear it would hurt them. Hence they stick to the basic rules and pattern. This limits your ability to think creatively. In order to become an original designer, you must be audacious in experimenting something that hasn’t been done before.

3. Make ‘Creative’ friends:

Human beings first learning place is home. The second source for learning is the environment through which he/she is brought up in. Keeping friends with other creative people and designers is a good way to stay creative in the professional world. This is because, when you talk to other creative professionals, you get inspiration and ideas from them.

4. Note Everything:

Another reason that a designer’s creativity level drops is because of not noting down ideas that come to mind. In some occasions, you come up with a brilliant concept but then forget what it was. In order to avoid wasting your design ideas, keep a pen and paper on hand and jot down whatever creative sparks appear to you. This helps you remember the pieces of concepts that help you design creatively.

5. Listen to Other’s Opinions:

Designers, in most cases, are self-reliant and don’t really enjoy taking help from others. Moreover, they are averse to hear out other people’s opinions. But the fact is that no matter how much professional you are, there is always some bit of learning in everybody’s opinions and feedback. So you must listen to what others have to say about your work and take lessons from their criticism. Always take it as a constructive criticism and work on your weaknesses.

6. Visit Online Design Galleries:

Whenever I feel that my creative juices are depleting, I take inspiration from around my surroundings. An easy and handy way of doing this is by visiting tons of online design galleries. These sites hold some of the best designs that yield inspirational ideas and concepts. But beware…you must stay away from plagiarism and copying other people’s work.

Nora Reed

Nora Reed runs Logoblog.org where she writes about trends on logo designs, tips for logo designers, famous logos and showcases inspiring logo design collection.

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