47 Pretty Bloggers Templates For Your Blog

Finding a Blogger template that is unique can be tough, but it’s not impossible. Blogger only offers a small amount of default templates, which makes it hard to stand out from the rest for blogs out there. Not only that, but there are not nearly as many custom Blogger templates as there are WordPress themes.

Luckily may WordPress themes are now being converted to the Blogger format and there continues to be a growing number of pretty Blogger templates for all to choose from. Because we at Champions use blogger we thought we would share with you some of the most prettiest blogger templates out there.
This list will give you an idea of unique 2, 3, and 4 column templates that you can use for your Blogger blog.

2-column templates


With all of the customizable tabs, this template is great for people who have a lot of pages or external links to share.


Again we have tabs along the header for pages and external links. An image can also be added to the header.


A nice clean template with a crisp header image and customizable header links.


A nice colorful header for links and bold sidebar widget headers that stand out.


A feminine, yet elegant flowery design that is sure to brighten up the mood of all your visitors.


This template has an EMO feel to it. It’s great for tattoo artists or those into dark, sinister art. The sidebar is on the left side as opposed to the right.


This is a great template for Twilight fans or those that have a fascination with werewolves. Again, the sidebar is on the left side and not the right.


A clean and minimal template with a green header that stretches across the top of the page. This is great for those who are looking for a wider sidebar.


A very unique template with a with a dark flowered background, bright orange links and an orange content area to match. The left sidebar is also an added bonus.


A sidebar on the left, with a splash of Spring colors, and rounded header image makes this a refreshing template.


With the growing popularity of Apple devices, there’s no surprise that there’s a template dedicated to the iPhone. This dark, geeky design is great for any gadget lover.


A clean template with a peaceful, grassy header image. There are tabs below the header for pages and external links.


A professional web 2.0 template complete with a search bar, RSS feed icon and tabs along the header.


An all black template with a splash of blue in the header and links. There are also customizable links above the header.


A very creative template for the artist at heart. It’s clean yet colorful and decorative.


This stylish template has a left boxy sidebar and curvy content area. It has a retro feel to it with the bright colors and shapes.

Red-White Web 2.0

A clean template that has evolved quite a bit over time. It has dark red and black accents, plus a search bar and social media icons besides the header.


An all blue template is a must-have for blue lovers. There are a couple of pink accents which effectively add a hint of color.

The Hobbit

A very beautiful, elegant, and artistic template with a lot of green that blends nicely and is easy on the eyes.


This template is very narrow and vertical, as the name suggests. It is mostly white with only a hint of color in the left sidebar.

Web 2.0

A very professional looking template with a colorful header and RSS feed icon. The content area is wide to allow for larger images.

3-column templates


A pretty plain and minimal template that doesn’t offer much to the eye, yet has a lot of potential for personal customization.

Autumn Grass

This template is very unique in that it offers vertical header links, a video feature spot and is Adsense ready.

Beautiful Red Apple

A highly customizable template with a search bar and tabs in the header. It’s also AdSense ready.

Butterfly Magic

This template has sidebars on both sides. The color combination is stunning with a beautiful butterfly header.

Clean Elegant

The name says it all: a clean, elegant template with a touch color in the header image.


This lightly colored template offers 2 left sidebars on the left hand side and a clean header without an image.


This unique, clean template has lower columns on each side and a nice balance of color to make make everything stand out.

Dark Ritual

Though this template is called dark ritual, it’s not too dark and the only ritualistic art is in the header. There is a column on each side of the main content and the colors blend quite nicely.


A great template for car lovers with tabs below the header and an RSS feed icon above the header.

Fluid Solution

A simple yet clean black and white template with a small spot for your logo.


A very stylish and professional template with beautiful blue and green accents. There are customizable link below the header and an RSS feed icon.


A unique template based off of Drupal’s default template. Accented with lighter shades of blue and customizable header links, this template is very soothing.


This is definitely one of the more unique Blogger templates. It boasts black and dark red columns with a stripped background that blends nicely with the bold columns.

Green Marinee

Hints of green and black with a simplistic header make this a clean, soothing template.


This is a very dark template, but what makes it most unique is the three columns that appear in the footer rather than in the sidebar.


A beautiful template with flattering shades of blue and black as well as a middle column that pops out from the rest of the template.


Though this template is pretty basic, it has just the right amount of color and blends together very well.


Just as the name suggestions this template has a structured, magazine feel to it. It even has customizable drop down menus above the header.


This template is indeed very minimalist with 3 columns in the footer instead of the sidebar and an elegant background and header to match.

Pink Flower

This template looks kind of like a postcard. It has a simple pink flower in the header and 3 elegant columns.


This one will probably make you hungry with the pizza teaser in the header. There are customizable links in the middle of the header and 2 sidebars on the left.


The columns on each side of the main content definitely accent this minimalistic template along with festive colors.


This template offers rounded corners and content that loads in sections (via AJAX) so that your visitors will get faster page load times.

4-column templates

Slined Mod 2.0

This all black template is broken up by the hints of blue in the sidebar and header. There are also customizable links above the header.


With a customizable header image, customizable links above the header, and nice blend of black and red, this template is quite striking.


A very basic and minimalistic template just waiting to be customized or used as is. This template may look pretty bland, but less is sometimes better.

This post was written by Lior Levin who is a marketing consultant to Champions and also works for a psd to xhtml company from OR, US.


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