55 Delicious Examples of Food Photography

Food photography is a very interesting art in taking creative pictures and angles shots of food. This is a kind of advertising and commercial photography, it needs a combination of vision and technical expertise. You will see in this post some photographs of various delicious food dishes. Enjoy!

Food Photography (more…)

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Subverting PopCulture: Movements against the Rise of Photography

The 20th century marked the rise of photography.It was during this time that photography has become widely recognized as a commercial service. It was used for taking scenic landscapes and family pictures – both of which, prior to the invention of the camera, were commissioned to artists.

Photographs became so popular that they overshadowed the artists of the time. This prompted artists to create a movement that discussed cultural and traditional art implications of technology, media and advertising to the society. It was during the mid- and late-1950s that we saw the rise of Pop Art and Photorealism. (more…)

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20 Awesome Product Photos and Photomanipulations

It takes more than a generic photo of a product to generate interest these days. You not only have to show off the product’s strengths but also engage the customer. Whether a product will be displayed in a catalog or on postcards, to really entice consumers to find out more, you have to stand out. This collection explores some amazing product photos and photo manipulations that range from over-the-top to funny to intriguing. Notice that many of the shots are simple lighting and perspective photos while others are complex scenes taking hundreds of edits.


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29 Inspirational Shots of Architecture Photography

Photography is a beautiful art which doesn’t seem to get a lot of credit these days. And specifically architecture and buildings provide the perfect canvas for some outstanding photos. This gallery collects 29 highly inspirational photos for your viewing pleasure. This photo set will surely get you into the creative spirit with artistic lighting and beautiful camera angles.

Germany Complex



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44 Beautiful Flickr Photos of Winter Landscapes

Winter is a solemn and quiet time of the year. Yet it is powerful for emotional growth and stability. Thus winter photography follows the same path and endows you into a peaceful, serene concentration. I am often very inspired by the looks of winter scenery. And our gallery including 44 amazing photographs of winter landscapes should leave you inspired and looking for more!

Winter Landscape

Winter Landscapes


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25 HDR Photographs of Cool Cars

There are some very inspiring works of HDR photography of cool cars on Flickr. It’s a huge community full of amateur and professionals alike. And with cars on display there are certainly some amazing techniques being utilized. Our gallery of 25 cool cars should get you thrilled for the HDR movement. If you have similar photos or know of other great artists, feel free to leave links in the discussion area below.

car HDR

cool cars


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44 Photographs of Collapse and Urban Decay

Powerful photography is able to invoke emotions like nothing else. Designers are especially affected by these and should take note of inspirational connections. If you’re a fan of urban and city lifestyles then urban decay is a fabulous category of photographs.

Like never before we have a society with older buildings and even more ancient histories. The heritage of our human race has carried on for thousands of years. Yet our evolution as a society has led us to the current state of affairs worldwide. Urban decay photography focuses on the collapsing morals of our societal fiber.

I’ve included 44 amazing examples of decaying photography. If you know of similar examples or great photographers please feel free to share your links below. I often derive powerful feelings of creativity and jolts of energy from such detailed collections.

Urban decay in Tacoma

Urban Decay (more…)

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49 Brilliant Pieces of HDR Photography

Photographs are some of the most inspirational pieces of artwork. Today we see these galleries sewn throughout blogs and magazines everywhere. They can affect our psyche and blossom into amazing creations if we allow so.

The gallery below includes some fantastic examples of HDR photography. This style of imagery stems from HDRI photographs. Or in full high dynamic range imaging which allows photographers to include dynamic ranges of luminescence. This means lighter and darker areas are able to stand out in ways otherwise not commonly noticed.

The art gallery below includes some amazing examples of this technique. If you are familiar with HDR photography then you’ll certainly find this gallery to be inspirational and heartfelt. If you know of any similar photographs or photographers feel free to include these links in the comments below.

Golden Gate Bridge

HDR Photography (more…)

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25 Creative and Stunning Examples of Light Graffiti

Light graffiti (AKA ‘light painting’) is a special photographic technique in which exposures (usually made at night) are created using a hand-held light source or by moving the camera. Light graffiti is a well known technique in photography but is highly specialised, difficult and normally left to expert photographers. Performance artists can sometimes be seen creating light graffiti (which can be captured with a photo or video), but either way it makes for great viewing.

Below are 25 examples of light graffiti so sit back, dim your lights and let’s check them out!


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