Dr. Nemesis

In December 2010 there was a big photographic challenge with the theme “cinematic thinking.” My first idea was to do something serial. Until then my photography had a strong element of chance – I saw something that attracted me and took a picture. This time I wanted to construct something – concept photography, as this is what movies consist of.
Serial was my first thought; the movies of the Weimar Cinema my second.
Together with a friend I created a short story (and even a storyboard) of Michalina Blanche, who visits a cinema and is afterwards pursued by the evil Dr. Nemesis and his Nosferatu- like creature, It.
After a short chase the heroine is caught by the duo and transformed into a darker person – Michalina Noir. This new Michalina is so evil that even Nemesis is frightened by his latest creation. The circle closes when, in the end, Nemesis, Michalina Blanche and Michalina Noir are assembled in the same cinema where everything started.

I did not win anything, but I still like the pictures and more concept shootings are on their way.

watching herself:

pursuing her:

Nemesis lurks: 

It rises:

A beautiful day:




no escape:

flight ends:

How does it all ends? Will Michalina Blanche escape the evil duo? The end of this horrible adventure can be seen … here! But beware … Nemesis lurks! :-)


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