How to Recharge Your Inspiration

For designers, the most important thing to us is the creativity & inspiration it is like our legacy, air breathing and without it we can’t produce ideas that make us feel satisfied about it.

As we know this important legacy (Creativity) had 4 Major Stages:

  1. Preparation
    Collect information or data.
  2. Incubation
    milling over collected information (keep thinking depending on the data).
  3. Illumination
    Light Bulb Idea: THAT IS!  Moment.
  4. Implementation
    Actual Making, creating: Verification.

The most important stages are Incubation & Illumination > in this particular stage the inspiration can do all the work, but that if it comes fast:

But Sometimes as Designers we lose our inspiration, in another word, the inspiration battery is Low J , and seriously this would be a Big Serious PROBLEM.

But Hey Don’t worry here are some tips for you about how you can recharge your inspiration and stunning people with your inspired creative ideas and believe me I always use these tips by myself, and the experience as a graphic designer has no relations to the inspiration, it only matters about how you can implement (stag No. 4) your idea.


The point is, if you are junior, senior graphic designer, art director or even a creative director you need to be inspired: D.

So let’s get inspired…

Get Some Sport or Yoga.


Go to the ZOO or Get a Cute Pet.


Visit the Mall & do a window shopping.


Visit the Museum or any historical place.


Take a Nap.


Browse Your Old Work.




Play a Video Game.


Watch a Movie.



Read a Good Book.


Clean Up Your Desk.


Do Something You Never did before.


Visit New Place.


Talk to old Friend.


Do volunteer work.


Grape your Camera and take some photos.


Go to the beach.


Go to the Kitchen and Cook.



Remember the people who inspired you for me Steve Jobs &  Zaha Hadid inspired me the most.


All Illustration Work is done by © Rasha Fahim

Rasha Fahim is an Architect, Graphic designer; Design Articles Writer & the founder of Zones Design since 2005 and Zones Mag Online design Magazine.


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3 Responses

  1. sheri says:

    i like your post! FUN artwork! thanks for the inspiration tips! visit me on for more inspiration!

  2. Jim says:

    Very nice article!! :D

    I always end up in a situation where i need more inspiration. This helped me a lot!

  3. We often go outside in order to re-charge our batteries. Getting out of the office, getting some fresh air, and just getting away from what you’re doing temporarily usually does the trick.

    Also, showers and driving. I seem to come up with really good ideas when I shower or drive.

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