4 Ways Creating an eBook Can Help Grow Your Design Business

As business owners, we’re always looking for easier ways to bring in more clients. eBooks are an excellent way to position yourself as an expert, turn readers into buyers, and reach new untouched audiences. Let’s take a look at a few ways that creating an eBook can help grow your business:

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1. It creates instant credibility for you as an expert

Positioning yourself as an industry expert can do wonders for growing your business. Not only does it build your trust factor in the eyes of cautious readers, but it can also allow you to charge more for your work.

Customers are always willing to pay more when working with someone they perceive to have the answers to their problems. Having your name on a book is a great way to increase that perceived value.

2. It’s a free or inexpensive way for new audience members to experience your work

As a designer, you may currently only offer large, higher end services. It can require a lot of effort to bring in new clients when they have to jump from zero experience with you to a paying for a large project.

An amazing benefit of creating an eBook is that it allows new customers to start small. It’s a very inexpensive (or free) way for your audience to get a taste of your work before going on to buy a larger product.

3. It sets up a residual income stream


The most obvious way that an eBook can help grow your business is that it’s setting up a residual income stream. After putting in the work to create the book, you can see money come in for the book for several years to come.

Keep in mind, however, that the book will not simply sell itself. Be sure to put in some marketing efforts like guest posting, emailing your list with updates, or partnering with other bloggers as  affiliates of your book and letting them sell it for you.

4. It can be used to help you grow your email list

As they say, “the money’s in the list!” If you give away an eBook as an incentive to opting in to your email list, or even sell it on your site and ask for their email address at the time of purchase, you are adding qualified leads to your list.

Not only will your email list grow, it will be growing with people who have already experienced your work. Now, you have the chance to funnel them into a larger purchase.

An eBook can be a great way to offer your work to the world at a low price and position yourself for success. Have you thought about creating an eBook for your business?

Meg Sylvia and the founder of Artful Publications, a one-stop resource for all the info you’ll need to create, market, and publish eBooks and eMags. Follow her on Twitter @MegKSylvia.


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