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When it reaches a point where you have to bring in a web development company to help with the accomplishment of business objectives, you really mean business. But to give your business a meaningful online presence, your web design must incorporate elements that optimize its functionality and purpose. This is to make sure that the business site gives its visitors what they come for in an efficient and friendly way. Below are some of most effective web design elements that are guaranteed to enhance conversion rates significantly.

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User Friendliness 

The term user-friendliness has broad application in web design but specifically emphasizes providing a site that give users an enhanced experience while using it.  The key areas where you may enhance the user experience include:

  • Navigation: Users must be in a position to get what they want on your site without having to look far. This entails the provision of navigation links to appropriate site destinations. If pagination is not important for your business site but you’re offering a lot of content rapidly, you may employ an infinite scrolling. Facebook has deployed this feature successfully to deliver live feeds on the site.
  • Responsive Web Design: Rapid developments in technology make it almost impossible to predict what your customers will be using next to view your site and transact business. They could use a desktop, a smart device with touch screen or a phone with T9 keypad. Thus, responsive web design ensures that your business site is easily viewed and used on all possible platforms. Features of such a design include layouts that support relative resizing based on grid design and media flexibility using dynamic resizing.

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Relevant Graphics

All images, video and animations must match your site’s objectives. The graphics need to be interesting and inviting as they help visitors visualize your products and services. Also, remember to pay attention to text and how you present it. In short, your site must be stunning from a visual perspective.


Visitors don’t have plenty of time to interpret complex concepts, pictures, colors and graphics. Thus, don’t distract them with unnecessary animations or background features that add no value to their experience. This means that you don’t focus on entertaining your guests on the site, unless you’re actually selling entertainment!

Search Engine Friendliness

Certain design aspects will enhance your site’s visibility to search engines. It’s recommended that you present most of your content in HTML format for search engine relevance. For objects you wish to deploy to facilitate navigation around your site, emphasize on text predominantly and use the “ALT” tag for links offered as images. In the same vein, don’t use Java script or flash for navigational links you need to optimize for search engines. Also, use tables and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) sparingly.


Make sure your content matches what your visitors expect. Also, deploy keywords naturally on the content you offer.

Contact/Support Info

It’s important to provide valid contact information. If you intend to receive orders or inquiries via a web form, make sure it’s working. Have you ever tried to contact an online-based company only for the system to ask you to configure Microsoft Outlook first? That’s a poor design that loses potential conversions just like that! Make sure your web development company incorporates a design that makes your business reachable online. Also, you may offer a Skype or phone number on the site. Incorporation of the above web design elements for your business site is a sure way to give it a purposeful online presence. Thus, don’t hesitate to seek professional guidance in web design and development should you need a website that augments your business objectives.

Mohit Maheshwari is  Chief Strategist at New Media Guru , a full service digital agency offering SEO, PPC, and Website Development services. He’s been in search since 2000 and focuses on long term strategies, intuitive user experience and successful customer acquisition. Follow Mohit on Twitter and G+


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    With the increase of the usage of Smartphones and other smart devices, you have to consider responsive web design technique in designing a website, so your website will easily viewable on all types of devices. Also it’s essential to design a website with considering all major SEO factors which will help you to rank high in search engines.

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